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This article covers the tavern in Absalom. For the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenario, see The Wounded Wisp.

The Wounded Wisp is a tavern in the western Foreign Quarter of Absalom. Its proprietor and bartender is Heryn Gale, who inherited the establishment from her father. The Wisp was one of the bars at which the Pathfinder Society was founded on 23 Desnus, 4307 AR, and has served as an unofficial Society bar since.12


The Wisp's role in founding the Pathfinder Society was in doubt for much of its history, with some Pathfinders contesting that the Society had been formally created instead at the Pig's Paunch.3 However, writings of founding Pathfinder Kerinha Napsunar recovered in 4719 AR confirmed the sequence of events—that the ideas coalesced during a pub crawl from the Pig's Paunch to the Crimson Coin and Vert Pippen, then ending at the Wisp—but also further cemented the Wisp's claim as the home of the Society's naming, foundational concepts, and plans for the first Grand Convocation.2

The first few Grand Convocations were also held at the Wisp, though membership soon outgrew the tavern's capacity and the annual meetings moved to the Blakros Museum.2


The tavern's walls of dark-stained wood and barred windows give it the appearance of a nondescript dive, with only a wooden sign bearing its name over the door's entrance and a lantern—the "wisp", as named by employees—hanging from it on a brass ring.4

The front door opens to a hallway decorated with minor Pathfinder trophies, and a coat check for patrons that is usually staffed by a teenager. Tables fill the main hall and a raised, railed dining area. Its bar is supported by kegs of alcoholic beverages and backed by a stained-glass cabinet stocked with a variety of harder spirits. Its small kitchen has a staff of three and features a wood-fired stove and stone tables for preparing appetizers and meals.4

The Wisp has a cellar that contains fine wines.14


Due to the Wisp's importance to the Pathfinder Society, and frequent patronage by Pathfinders, the Society's members get discounts and preferential service. Adolphus, assistant to founding Pathfinder Selmius Foster, established financial assistance of uncertain terms to the Wisp after Foster's death.1


The Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenario The Wounded Wisp takes place at the tavern, and includes a map of its main floor and cellar.

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