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Oni-spawn (hungerseed)

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Source: Blood of Fiends, pg(s). 22

Oni-spawn, or hungerseed1 as they are sometimes called, is the name given to tieflings who are descended from oni.2


Hungerseed are normally taller and bulkier than normal humans, their flesh seems to bulge as if straining against their skin particularly during times of heightened emotion. Some oni-spawn also possess small tusks which they delight in using to tear into living flesh.2


Oni-spawn are by nature bullies and they exalt in using either violence or coercion to get what they want. If thwarted, they will bide their time before enacting bloody revenge. Oni-spawn are driven, like their oni sires, by a constant and unending hunger for earthly pleasures of every sort.2

On Golarion

Hungerseed are by far most common across the wilder reaches of the continent of Tian Xia, traditional homeland of the oni. However, pockets of them can be found in both the Inner Sea nations of Cheliax and the Hold of Belkzen. These tieflings are usually the descendants of ogre mage mercenaries that both countries have historically employed.2


  1. Oni-spawn and hungerseed are used for both singular and plural.
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