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Sasha Laranoa Harving

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Solatra Lilac Harvinkai
Sasha Laranoa Harving (credited as)

Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Solatra Lilac Harvinkai, credited as Sasha Laranoa Harving,1 is a games writer and designer whose work has been published by Paizo Inc. for both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Starfinder Roleplaying Game Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki., Lost Spheres Publishing, Everybody Games, Amora Game, Dreamscarred Press, Glenbuckie Publishing, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Legendary Games, Little Red Goblin Games, Purple Duck Games, Rite Publishing, and Storm Bunny Studios. Nov is also a Chicago venture-lieutenant in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild organized play system.2

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Adventure Toolbox 183"Adventure Toolbox" #183 2209 September 2022 Field of Maidens, 74. Blood Lords #3
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Wilderness Origins 1901 January 2019
Character Guide 1910 October 2019
Gamemastery Guide 2002 February 2020
Advanced Player's Guide 2007 July 2020
Bestiary 3 2103 March 2021
Mwangi Expanse, TheThe Mwangi Expanse 2106 June 2021
See also: Category:Works by Sasha Laranoa Harving


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