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Articles Required

This page documents notes made reading Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild modules showing articles that need creating due to material found in the adventure. Articles requiring major updates should get an {{U}} template applied to their Discussion page instead of a listing here. The listing of data here should in no ways imply that Fleanetha is going to do this work. Any help creating / amending these articles would be most appreciated by all. For reasons of not spoiling it for myself, notes for some modules are only a bare minimum and these are clearly called out.

'[A 1]' => artwork for that subject is found on page 1 of the book.

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Modules

Year 1

Scenario 55: The Infernal Vault

Artwork for existing pages: lemure [A cover, A 13]; burning skeleton [A 11]; book [A 18]; short sword [A 18]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Infernal Vault

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: map; architecture; chain shirt; chainmail; heavy steel shield; oil of bless weapon; stone; steel; torch (item); burning hands; flame strike; metal; flag; assassin's blade [A 18]; heavy crossbow; cure light wounds; bolt; cure moderate wounds; breastplate; scythe; belt of incredible dexterity; backpack; short spear / shortspear; armlet; bracers; fireball; summon monster II; color spray; protection from good; ray of enfeeblement; acid splash; detect magic; detect poison; mage hand; prestidigitation; read magic; mage armour / mage armor; wand; magic missile; sleet storm; suggestion; summon monster III; acid arrow; glitterdust; scorching ray; grease; obscuring mist; message; shield (spell); cause fear; stinking cloud; black tentacles; charm monster; summon monster IV; slow; eagle's splendour / eagle's splendor; open/close; amulet of natural armour / amulet of natural armor

Year 2

2–06: The Heresy of Man, Part I: The First Heresy

Artwork for existing pages: dark stalker [A 14]; book [A 20]

See also: Category:Artwork from The First Heresy

2–07: The Heresy of Man, Part II: Where Dark Things Sleep

See also: Category:Artwork from Where Dark Things Sleep

2–09: The Heresy of Man, Part III: Beneath Forgotten Sands

See also: Category:Artwork from Beneath Forgotten Sands

2-22 Eyes of the Ten, Part IV: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Artwork for existing pages: clockwork golem [A 13]; Adril Hestram [A 19], earth breaker [A 19], full plate [A 19]

See also: Category:Artwork from Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Year 3

3-20 The Rats of Round Mountain, Part I: The Sundered Path

Artwork for existing pages: dark slayer [A cover, A 13]; gug [A 16]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Sundered Path

Round Mountain [A 3 map]; Twilight Shrine [A 11 map]; Shu Ri; Lialda Longsorrow; Pagoda of the Rat; Sundered Path; brain ooze; Ratfolk guard tower (Round Mountain) [A 7 map]; tapestry; steel; lock; obsidian; passwall, stone shape, transmute rock to mud; Xiangnuer; Xiangnuer's ledge [A 19 map]

3-22 The Rats of Round Mountain, Part II: Pagoda of the Rat (scenario)

Artwork for existing pages: ratfolk [A 10], spear [A 10], inquisitor [A 10]; destrachan [A 16]

See also: Category:Artwork from Pagoda of the Rat

Pagoda of the Rat [A 6 map]; Round Mountain [A 3 map]; chain shirt [A 10]; Durriya, the Undying Empress; Xiangnuer; bronze; Fareed; metallurgy; steel; lock; screaming bolt; Shenru; brimstone; gong; incense; acid, alchemist's fire, antitoxin, thunderstone; dwarven waraxe, spiked chain, heavy pick; gem, precious stone, mineral, semi-precious stone; scabbard; crystal; nickel; marble; Krella & Darkeyes animal companion so this should redirect to Krella; jade; sapphire; earring

Year 4

4-04 King of the Storval Stairs

Artwork for existing pages: Storval Stairs [A map 7]

See also: Category:Artwork from King of the Storval Stairs

Queen Lareecan [A 14 probably or could be harpy warbird]; Formoch [A cover and art is on wiki]; Atga; vulture; Rova (slaver); Dika, maybe Dika Frallino; Tatho

Year 6

6-02 The Silver Mount Collection

Artwork for existing pages: Blakros Museum [A 7 & A8 map]; gearsman [A 9]; rogue [A 12], sorcerer [A 12], human [A 12]; collector robot [A 15]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Silver Mount Collection

Gerva Golda [A 12]; cyberplasm [A 17, A cover]; shadow obelisk; Pendleton Blakros; silver raven; magic mouth; Main Exhibit Hall (Blakros Museum); hazard crate; Dhrami Blakros; continual flame; Secret Sorceries of a Savage Land; Grand Exhibition Hall (Blakros Museum) / Grand Exhibit Hall (Blakros Museum) - seems to have two slightly different names => redirects; Histories of the World; Absalom Gallery; healer's kit, bloodblock, antitoxin, antiplague, cure moderate wounds, remove disease; Vencen Quil, Zenel Karvoos; Restoration Room (Blakros Museum); glass, metal, mahogany, steel; ceramic; transmitter; escape pod; laser pistol; shock arrow; memory lapse; bang grenade; bear's endurance; tracker chip; chipfinder; electricity; Historical Gallery (Blakros Museum); tapestry; Hall of Mysteries (Blakros Museum); quartz, crystal; stunner mine; Hall of Incantation (Blakros Museum) or Hall of Incantations (Blakros Museum) - seems to have two slightly different names => redirects; stasis crate; pearl of power, feather token, circlet of persuasion; Hall of Legendary Beasts (Blakros Museum); marlin; hungry flesh; amber; heavy pick; stone salve

6-03 The Technic Siege

Artwork for existing pages: Nantambu [A 5 map]; Magaambya [A 7]; Sharrowsmith's Exports [A 9 map]; gearsman [A 15, A cover]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Technic Siege

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: stone; statue / sculpture; wood; diamond; gem; reptile; giant frilled lizard; ivory; compass; map; continual flame; light shield; masterwork; leather; oil; glass; alarm (spell); bull's strength; invisibility (spell); touch injection; cure light wounds; disguise self; illusion of calm; shield (spell); true strike; magic weapon (spell); cure moderate wounds; displacement; studded leather; alchemy kit; formulae book; ant haul; comprehend languages; crafter's fortune; detect secret doors; expeditious retreat; jump; negate aroma; alchemical allocation; anthropomorphic animal; barkskin, blood transcription; false life; see invisibility; fly (spell); seek thoughts; greater invisibility; aegis of recovery; belt of mighty constitution; baleful polymorph; discern lies; hype; cureall; feather step; alchemist's fire; breastplate; guisarme; composite longbow; arrow; antitoxin; detect alignment; blistering invective; confess; divine favour / divine favor; interrogation; shield of faith; tireless pursuit; bleed; brand; detect magic; detect poison; guidance, read magic; blur; delay poison; heroism; wand; remove fear; chain shirt; quarterstaff; shortbow; enlarge person; vanish; hunter's eye; invisibility purge; locate object; castigate; silence; bear's endurance; belt of giant strength; jewel; stone shape; sending; cure serious wounds; speak with dead; sound burst; tongues; bless; identify; obscuring mist; create water; light (spell); mending; stabilise / stabilize; light wooden shield; amulet of natural armour / amulet of natural armor; feeblemind; prying eyes; black tentacles; detect scrying, lesser globe of invulnerability; mass reduce person / reduce person; blink; lightning bolt; ray of exhaustion; slow; suggestion; alter self; cat's grace; knock; resist energy; charm person; feather fall; mage armour / mage armor; magic missile; acid splash; mage hand; message; open/close; touch of fatigue; fickle winds; stoneskin; mark I dermal plating / dermal plating; cybernetic implant; pharmaceutical technology

6-05 Slave Ships of Absalom

Artwork for existing pages: Absalom [A 6 map]; Lady Darchana Madinani [A 11]; trollhound [A 15]

See also: Category:Artwork from Slave Ships of Absalom

Mahdi's Chattel; Mahjub Mahdi; Captain Waheeda Wardak, pirate and Okeno slaver [A 16]; crystal ball; Stonespire Island; Lady Silviana Dimora; At Sea / Kat Season; Ship's Graveyard, likely another name for Flotsam Graveyard??; Majordomo Milana; Solicitor Solvius Salbus; Dimora Manor; Madinani Estate; Red Letter; marble; Atlag; rosewood; Mezuk; The Sanguine Beast / Sanguine Beast; thunderstone; cure light wounds; scale mail; crowbar; pearl; cure moderate wounds; breastplate; Jemina; Pilot's Guild; Harbourmaster's Grange / Harbormaster's Grange; Inspection and Pilots' Office; First Mate Bleoran Berttio; First Mate Curtzog; Inspector Second Class Lilia Ginsi; Zigil; rope; seeking bullet / bullet; black powder horn; chain shirt; battleaxe; paper alchemical cartridge; waterproof bag; Rilla Lavon; flaming sphere; Kennel Master Kinore; grease (spell); tanglefoot bag; elixir of hiding; invisibility (spell); alchemist's fire; studded leather; manacles; emerald; earrings; lead blades; resist energy; cure serious wounds; flaming arrow

6-15 The Overflow Archives

Artwork for existing pages: grodair [A cover, A 9]; kitsune [A 11]; bard [A 11]; tooth fairy [A 17]; spear [A 7 and art is on wiki]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Overflow Archives

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: poem; supernatural; innocence, everburning torch; metal; paper; leather; albatross (bird); entangle, feather step, color spray, magic missile, reduce person, dancing lights, daze, ghost sound, ray of frost, touch of fatigue, ventriloquism, identify, cure light wounds; crow; worm; eel; detect magic, bull's strength, comprehend languages, daylight, quartz; steadfast gut-stone; summon monster, summon monster III, summon nature's ally, summon nature's ally III; wood; mahogany; parchment; ceramic; ink; quill; charm monster; cause fear, charm person, hideous laughter, light, lullaby (spell), open/close, read magic; tanglefoot bag, sleep arrow, catching cape, chain shirt, shortbow, wish, enthrall, hold person, suggestion, steal voice, expeditious retreat, cure moderate wounds; swordfish; commune, detect law, prestidigitation, blur, obscuring mist; beast shape II / beast shape; vulture, giant vulture; brass; magic circle against chaos, slow, arcane sight; vellum; dimension door; bookmark of deception; darkness; traveller's dictionary / traveler's dictionary; manta ray; cloak of the manta ray; water breathing, sleep (spell), polymorph; pliers; mage hand, invisibility (spell); meadowlark; feather token, horn of fog

pp 23–28 are reprinted from Bestiaries, so content not included here.

6-19 Test of Tar Kuata

Artwork for existing pages: Tar Kuata [A 5 map; A 9 map; A 23 map]; Aeotsep [A 7]; greataxe [A cover, A 17 and art is on wiki]

See also: Category:Artwork from Test of Tar Kuata

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: breastplate [A cover, A 17 and art is on wiki]; quarterstaff; incense; wand; stone shape; wood; masterwork; lesser merciful metamagic rod / metamagic rod / merciful / rod / lesser metamagic rod; longspear; cat's grace; bull's strength; bracers of armour / bracers of armor; headband of inspired wisdom; ring of climbing; ring of jumping; phylactery of faithfulness; incense of meditation; oil; dwarven waraxe; throwing axe; detect good; cure moderate wounds; scale mail; heavy steel shield / light steel shield / steel shield; antitoxin; cause fear; doom; instant fortress; create water; delay poison; freedom of movement; elixir of swimming; acid; grace; hold person; bless; detect law; divine favour / divine favor; stunning barrier; bleed; detect poison; light (spell); purify food and drink; sound burst; locked gauntlet / gauntlet; acid arrow; protection from law; vomit swarm; excruciating deformation; cure serious wounds; dispel magic; greater stunning barrier; water walk; resist energy; shield of faith; detect magic; searing light; amulet of natural armour / amulet of natural armor; dream (spell); sending; jewel

pp 24 & 25 are reprinted from Bestiaries, so content not included here.

6-21 Tapestry's Toil

Artwork for existing pages: warhammer [A 20], chainmail [A 20]

See also: Category:Artwork from Tapestry's Toil

Year 7

7-09 The Blakros Connection

Artwork for existing pages: Forae Logos [A 11 map, A 30 map]; prana ghost [A 15]; dreamscape [A 17, A 30]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Blakros Connection

7-15 The Deepmarket Deception

Artwork for existing pages: ratfolk [A 11, A 21]; poison [A 21], shortsword [A 21]; rapier [A 11]; pipefox [A 9]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Deepmarket Deception

7-27 Beyond Azlant Ridge

Artwork for existing pages: hydra [A 11]; flail [A 18]

See also: Category:Artwork from Beyond Azlant Ridge

7-28 Ageless Ambitions

Artwork for existing pages: slayer [A 22]; scimitar [A 22]

See also: Category:Artwork from Ageless Ambitions

Year 8

8-02 Ward Asunder

Artwork for existing pages: dosojin [A 7]; tetsubo [A 16]

See also: Category:Artwork from Ward Asunder

8-04 Wardens of Sulfur Gulch

Artwork for existing pages: Holgarin Smine [A 4]; Xol-Nomag [A cover, A 6]; Isirah Tana [A 12; A 15]; caustic stalker [A 17]

See also: Category:Artwork from Wardens of Sulfur Gulch

8-08 The Sandstorm Prophecy

Artwork for existing pages: earth elemental [A 6 and art is on wiki]; air elemental [A 7]; oread [A 15], sorcerer [A 15], spear [A 15], cloak of resistance [A 15]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Sandstorm Prophecy

8-09 The Cindersworn Pact

Artwork for existing pages: kolyarut [A cover]; efreeti [A 19]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Cindersworn Pact

8-10 Secrets of the Endless Sky

Artwork for existing pages: djinni [A 5, A 19]; lizard [A 10]; sylph [A 20]

See also: Category:Artwork from Secrets of the Endless Sky

8-11 Cleansed With Fire

Artwork for existing pages: efreeti [A 4, A 17]; azer [A 12], sorcerer [A 12]

See also: Category:Artwork from Cleansed With Fire

8-12 Caught in the Eclipse

Artwork for existing pages: air elemental [A 15]. Rest of art is already on wiki / standard art form other works

See also: Category:Artwork from Caught in the Eclipse

Chalissier [A 15]; Port Eclipse; clockwork junkyard (Port Eclipse) [A 16]; gem, Garnet Brand, garnet; pearl; diamond; opal; Concordance of Elements; Jairo; Seat of Balance; Port Eclipse; the Coldfire King; Four Winds; Captain Nix; Vendria; crystal; comozant wyrd; Aching Anchor; Tidy; Thunder Skyforge; Ceru (person), blue jay, Falren, Simmer; Bitterbite; Sleet Saloon; Briel Everscribe; Cookie; the Sweet Tooth (Port Eclipse) (disambig with Sweet Tooth); Klarh; Maren (undine) (disambig with Maren Fuln); Ramzi; pickaxe; sapphire; Vanished Triad; Vanished Triad's inn

8-13 What Sleeps in Stone

Artwork for existing pages: azer [A 16], oracle [A 16], Ymeri [A 16]; Fossilblight [A 17]

See also: Category:Artwork from What Sleeps in Stone

hiracapath [A cover]; Old Man Mountain [A 9 and art is on wiki]; Singe Brightkin [A 16], jingasa of the fortunate soldier [A 16]; heavy pick [A 17]; juggernaut [A 19] - will need redirects for juggernaut robot and beetle; Broken Temple; Hero's Path; Qalkami Mishalq; diamond; Toam Puong [A 13 map]; Peerless Empire; Old Pak; Ankilhi; Pnao Kilnak; gem; communal protection from energy, comprehend languages; pick [A 17]; Mount Pho-Yim, but prob needs Pho-Yim as redirect there; Lavaloch; Grimgrin, helmet, mempo; Hikori; remove curse; disintegrate; Valley of the Valorous; Bulls of Heaven; obsidian; ruby; earthquake (spell); archaeology

8-17 Refugees of the Weary Sky

Artwork for existing pages: Ozimat on cover is from Planes of Power; ghost [A 11]; shaitan [A 15], earth breaker [A 15], barbarian [A 15], ring of protection [A 15]

See also: Category:Artwork from Refugees of the Weary Sky

Deep Sky [A 7 map, A 22 map]; Kalvanon [A 11]; Illaton [A 15], breastplate [A 15], golembane scarab [A 15]; Jaizun Citadel / Citadel of the Weary Sky; elemental gauge; elemental spirit; Concordance of Elements; Korj; dimension door; sapphire; gem; crystal; ivory; Ocosten

8-19 Treacherous Waves

Artwork for existing pages: Sorin [A 20]; malenti [A 20]

See also: Category:Artwork from Treacherous Waves

8-20 Torrent's Last Will

Artwork for existing pages: sahuagin [A 7]; ; coral golem [A 10]; monadic deva [A 12]; galvo [A 13]

See also: Category:Artwork from Torrent's Last Will

Aquel [A cover, A 12], Thundergale [A 12] (not italicised in text but probably should be); Riam the Unyielding [A 9 map; A 25 map]; nautilus; Lambent Bloom; Baron Zemdar; Throne of Deep Currents; Splendour's Docks/ Splendor's Docks; Azure Armory; Vialesk City Guard; underwater crossbow; antitoxin; freedom of movement; whale shark; water breathing; jellyfish poison - redirect to poison and add detail to 'jellyfish poison' section / jellyfish page; bronze; coral; pearl; mending, make whole; giant sailfish, sailfish; bless, rage (spell); gem; nautilus coral armour / nautilus coral armor; pearl of power; manta ray; morningstar [A 12]; Cintra Eelmaster; black tentacles; salt; corrosive; greatclub; menacing; eel; shock / shocking burst; aid; cure serious wounds; seaweed rope; displacement, heroism; elixir of dragon's breath, elixir of swimming

8-23 Graves of Crystalmaw Pass

Artwork for existing pages: Venture-Captain Sorrina Westyr [A 5]; xorn [A 7]

See also: Category:Artwork from Graves of Crystalmaw Pass

Year 9

9-02 A Case of Missing Persons

Artwork for existing pages: Gray Gardener [A cover]

See also: Category:Artwork from A Case of Missing Persons

9-03 On the Border of War

Artwork for existing pages: oracle [A cover, A 20]; half-dragon [A cover, A 20]; cyclops [A cover, A 20]; Lander Lebeda [A 7]

See also: Category:Artwork from On the Border of War

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: granite; wood; stone; barkskin; bull's strength; cure light wounds; heavy steel shield; spiked gauntlet; levitate; suffocation (spell); surcoat; jewel; acid; marble; wand; nap stack; meld into stone; stone tell; spike growth; stone shape; stone call; magic stone; detect magic; detect poison; light (spell); mending; ring of delayed doom; garnet; periapt of health; sporedream poison; longspear; phantom steed; gallant inspiration; glitterdust; heroism; reinvigorating wind; expeditious retreat; feather fall; grease (spell); remove fear; saving finale; bear's endurance; flaming; cure serious wounds; dispel magic; fireball; augury (spell); cure moderate wounds; grace; resist energy; status; burning hands; cause fear; comprehend languages; doom; entropic shield; bleed; create water; resistance; spark; stabilise / stabilize; chain shirt; headband of alluring charisma; shock; dousing rain; dancing lights; ghost sound; message; prestidigitation; read magic; belt of giant strength; hand drum / drum; alchemist's fire; half-plate; morningstar; antitoxin; sunrod; align weapon; dragonhide; restful sleep

9-05 Call of the Copper Gate

Artwork for existing pages: psychic [A cover, A 17]; mutant [A cover, A 17]; dagger [A cover, A 17]; Fungal Vault is just a descriptive name of an area in the Grand Lodge so map is of the latter [A 6 map, A 24 map]; Blakros Museum [A 16 map, A 24 map]; grioth [A 18]; kukri [A 18]; rhu-chalik [A 22]

See also: Category:Artwork from Call of the Copper Gate

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: architecture; blight (spell); lesser restoration; excruciating deformation; shatter; grease (spell); arcane lock; hold portal; slow; wood shape; rusting grasp; throwing axe; bane (weapon); animate objects; bleed; marble; incense; metal; paper; glass; stone; summoning circle; magic circle against chaos; detect thoughts; share memory; magic weapon (spell); protection from chaos; blur; cat's grace; true strike; interplanetary teleport; metamagic rod; anticipate peril; wand; Book of Harms; Insights of Far-Seeing Taernis; heroism; acid; crab; voidglass; obscuring mist; cure moderate wounds, cure light wounds; wind fan; chill touch; enlarge person; magic missile; alter self; inflict pain; cause fear; mind thrust / mind thrust I / mind thrust II / mind thrust IV; ray of enfeeblement; shield (spell); detect magic; detect poison; mage hand; mending; read magic; telekinetic projectile; fly (spell); delay poison; tanglefoot bag; prismatic crystal; traveller's outfit / traveler's outfit; mage armour / mage armor; id insinuation / id insinuation I; black tentacles; protection from energy; unadulterated loathing; hold person; silence; ear-piercing scream; murderous command; daze; vampiric touch; lesser talisman of sealed summons / lesser talisman of freedom / lesser talisman of healing power / lesser talisman of protection from frost / lesser talisman of protection from flames / lesser talisman; daze monster; open/close; elixir of monstrous form; monstrous physique / monstrous physique I; lesser confusion

9-11 The Jarlsblood Witch Saga

Artwork for existing pages: linnorm [A cover]; draugr [A 15]; fighter [A 15]; Ulfen [A 17]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Jarlsblood Witch Saga

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: bane (weapon special ability); thundering; wrathful; boots of the winterland; horn of the huntmaster; lesser talisman of beneficial winds / talisman of beneficial winds; lesser talisman of freedom / talisman of freedom; lesser talisman of good fortune / talisman of good fortune; lesser talisman of life's breath / talisman of life's breath; ring of minimal fire resistance / ring of minor fire resistance; greater talisman of warrior's courage / talisman of warrior's courage; dragonhide armour / dragonhide armor; dragonhide shield; orc hornbow; metal; leather; candle; salt; hallucinatory terrain; arrow; dimension door; sleet storm; ivory; stone; speak with dead; obscuring mist; half-plate; battleaxe; true seeing; freedom of movement; handaxe; longstrider; chain shirt; bull's strength; barkskin; bear's endurance; animal messenger

9-12 Shrine of the Sacred Tempest

Artwork for existing pages:

See also: Category:Artwork from Shrine of the Sacred Tempest

9-14 Down the Verdant Path

Artwork for existing pages: Bellis [A 5 map]

See also: Category:Artwork from Down the Verdant Path

9-15 The Bloodcove Blockade

Artwork for existing pages: adhukait [A 15]; human [A 19]; ranger [A 19]; druid [A 11]

See also: Category:Artwork from The Bloodcove Blockade

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: mineral; plant growth; clairaudience/clairvoyance, detect thoughts, scrying (spell); mage armour / mage armor; owl's wisdom; magic weapon (spell); cure light wounds; feather token (bird) / bird feather token; mirror image, see invisibility, shield (spell); glitterdust; enlarge person; cure moderate wounds; obscuring mist, scorching ray; burning hands; displacement, slow; flaming sphere; summon swarm; web; feather fall; grease (spell); dancing lights, ghost sound; mage hand; touch of fatigue; pyrotechnics; stinking cloud; wand; alarm (spell); spike growth; wall of thorns; alluring golden apple; oil of align weapon / align weapon; amber; pearl of power; ochre bag of tricks / bag of tricks; nondetection; blink; blur; aegis of recovery; vest of escape; heroism; keen edge, resist energy; stoneskin; protection from energy; anticipate peril; charm animal; aid; cat's grace; protection from arrows; water walk; hushing arrow; fickle winds; barkskin; longstrider; sandals of quick reaction; siangham; shuriken; nunchaku; bracers of armour / bracers of armor; shocking grasp; daze; detect magic, light (spell), resistance; protection from evil; longbow; beast shape I; pass without trace; shortbow; amulet of natural armour / amulet of natural armor; entangle; speak with plants; tree shape; wood shape; blight (spell); repel vermin; water breathing

9-16 Fallen Family, Broken Name

Artwork for existing pages: Venture-Captain Brackett [A 4]

See also: Category:Artwork from Fallen Family, Broken Name

9-17 Oath of the Overwatched

Artwork for existing pages: Ralzeros [A 6]

See also: Category:Artwork from Oath of the Overwatched

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: basalt; copper; scroll case; statue; stone; physics; drama; telescope; ghost sound; mirror image; suggestion; mindlink; silent image; true strike; detect magic; detect psychic significance; mage hand; prestidigitation; telekinesis (spell); oneiric horror; detect thoughts; entropic shield; unseen servant; lullaby (spell); lucky horseshoe; luckstone; tongues; wand; countless eyes; lesser selective metamagic rod / selective metamagic rod / metamagic rod / rod; lesser talisman of life's breath / talisman of life's breath; arcane sight; dispel magic; lightning bolt; invisibility (spell); scorching ray; see invisibility; stone call; mage armour / mage armor; magic missile; protection from chaos; guidance; mending; spell component pouch; detect scrying; phantasmal killer; fly (spell); false life; shield (spell); headband of vast intelligence; air walk; darkness (spell); black tentacles; nightmare (spell); true seeing; deeper darkness; resurrection; miracle (spell); wish; touch of madness; calm emotions; touch of idiocy; share memory; modify memory; identify; twisted space; wandering star motes; hold portal; prying eyes; stone shape

9-18 Scourge of the Farheavens

Artwork for existing pages: Nelket [A 4]; Dolok Darkfur [A 13]; unfettered eidolon [A 13]; disease [A 14]

See also: Category:Artwork from Scourge of the Farheavens

Farheaven Clan / Farheavens (NB: always capitalised and never Farheaven clan, though probably should put redirect for consistency with Paizo's usual practice.); plagueborn ooze / plagueborn [A 14, sort of]; Farheaven Village; Roga; Jolly Hag; god caller; Skorvlovs / Skorvlov family, Kenner Skorvlov, Adula Skorvlov, Klara Skorvlov; amber; leather; poison oak - needs to be added to Poisons of Golarion; necklace; jade; garnet; opal, topaz; cloak; slime fever; emerald

9-19 Clash in Kaimuko Wood

Artwork for existing pages: samurai [A 5]; tengu [A 4, A 5, A 6]; katana [A 14]; utukku [A 14]; leather armour [A 6]

See also: Category:Artwork from Clash in Kaimuko Wood

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: longspear [A 14]; tatami-do [A 14]; double chicken sabres; bless weapon; daylight; magic weapon (spell); cure serious wounds; mirrored; dimension door; light steel shield; lesser enlarge metamagic rod / enlarge metamagic rod / metamagic rod / rod; wand; wakizashi; deeper darkness; gloom blade; blur; invisibility (spell); lesser restoration / restoration; cure light wounds; screaming bolt; kikko / kikko armour / kikko armor; aegis of recovery; belt of giant strength; heroism; non-detection / nondetection; aid; cure moderate wounds; enthral redirect exists already / enthrall; major image; create food and water; mass cure light wounds; plane shift; detect chaos; detect evil; bleed; staff of blessed relief; feather token (tree) / feather token; communal resist energy / resist energy; dispel magic; glyph of warding; cassock of the clergy; bear's endurance; communal stoneskin / stoneskin; dimensional anchor; summon monster IV; stone shape; tongues; charm person; protection from law; charm monster

9-20 Fury of the Final Blade

Artwork for existing pages: Colson Maldris [A 19, and artwork is on wiki]; final blade [A cover, and artwork is on wiki]

See also: Category:Artwork from Fury of the Final Blade

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: sending; lesser restoration; detect magic; dimensional anchor; magic circle against good; unhallow; detect evil; detect undead; true seeing; phylactery of positive channelling / phylactery of positive channeling; death ward; arcane lock; cure light wounds; cure moderate wounds; cure serious wounds; amulet of natural armour / amulet of natural armor; remove disease; forbiddance; blink; ring of spell knowledge II / ring of spell knowledge III / ring of spell knowledge; ring of archon summoning affinity; ring of the ram; regenerate; mass charm person / charm person; deathwatch eyes; freedom of movement; glibness; misdirection; blindness/deafness; false life; oneiric horror; silence; color spray (colour spray redirect already made); comprehend languages; demand offering; detect poison; detect psychic significance; light (spell); message; prestidigitation; undetectable alignment; dimension door; feeblemind; mind fog; deep slumber; nondetection; detect thoughts; sleep (spell); headband of alluring charisma; bane (weapon special ability); lantern; mask; cloak; key; satchel; wand; lock; light crossbow; bolt; chainmail; metal; manacles; masterwork

9-21 In the Grandmaster's Name

Artwork for existing pages: half-orc [A 4 and art is on wiki]]; cleric [A 4 and art is on wiki]]; tiefling [A 8 and art is on wiki]; expert [A 8 and art is on wiki]; Varisian [A 13]

See also: Category:Artwork from In the Grandmaster's Name

Kristoff Valicho [A 4 and art is on wiki]; Irel Estate [A 6 map, A 21 map]; Majordomo Nayeli Rullus [A 8 and art is on wiki]; Emilio Bucsa [A 13; charlatan (NPC Codex 145)]; Aslynn; crystal ball; Kalistocrat Amynta Irel; Silver Spoon Inn and Tavern; alarm; marble; rosewood; bull's strength, cure moderate wounds; agile breastplate; ebony; jewel; book of extended summoning; grease (spell); locate object, remove paralysis; black tentacles; parchment; leather; disguise other; air bubble; bronze; bless, burning hands, cure light wounds, magic missile; alchemist's fire; disguise kit; everburning torch, healer's kit; thunderstone; jade; mahogany; jewellery; sapphire; tiara; headband of alluring charisma; steel; Chef Zarzubroshtor Loquamethic; living steel; herb; granite; stone; gloves; engineer's workgloves; handy haversack; marvellous pigments / marvelous pigments; emerald; maze; assassin topiary; compass

9-22 Grotto of the Deluged God

Artwork for existing pages: brine dragon [A cover, A 14] ; zombie [A 10]; triton [A 13]

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Tempest Monarch, Ruler of Air and Sea [A cover, A 14]; crab [A 7]; Grotto of the Deluged God (Tempest Cay) [A 12 map, A 19 map]; Nalu [A 13]; hurricane; Pride of Aspenthar, a 'Thuvian caravel' captained by Captain Jaheem Quinn; Concordance of Elements; Kakikko; water breathing; touch of the sea; feather token, feather token (swan boat), swan boat; coconut crab [A 7], giant coconut crab [A 7], crab swarm; cure light wounds; burning hands; tourmaline; sapphire; Sailing Through the Eye: a Theoretical Study of the World's Largest Storm / Sailing Through the Eye; spyglass; brass; coral; Kelp (hippocampus); underwater light crossbow, bolt; potion sponge; compass; signal whistle; obsidian; underwater heavy crossbow; heroism; Trial of the Tempest; hydraulic push; greater magic fang; spider's silk rope; feather token (fan); alter winds; marble; volatile vaporiser / volatile vaporizer

9-24 Beneath Unbroken Waves

Artwork for existing pages: Venture-Captain Rashmivati Melipdra [A 4]; undine [A 8]; Monastery of Unbreaking Waves [A 12 map, A 23 map]; kurobozu [A cover, A 15]

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Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: stone; crystal; water breathing; potion sponges; cure serious wounds; underwater crossbow; alchemist's fire; freedom of movement; diamond; underwater goggles; onyx; bear's endurance; invisibility (spell); slipstream; dispel magic; remove disease; tongues; restoration; belt of incredible dexterity; gloves of swimming and climbing; circlet of persuasion; heavy underwater crossbow; bolt; cestus; tiger fork; wand; mage armour / mage armor; cure moderate wounds; cure light wounds; coral; lock; key; continual flame; gems / gem; sapphire; comprehend languages; arcane lock; pick; shovel; stone shape; passwall; shark tooth amulet; ki; suffocation (spell); protection from energy; suggestion; acid arrow; mirror image; expeditious retreat; magic missile; obscuring mist; shield (spell); true strike; acid splash; daze; detect magic; light (spell); mage hand; open/close; read magic; control winds