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Season of the Ten

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Season 10 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign runs from August 2018 to July 2019. The season is referred to as the Season of the Ten.

Metaplot and ongoing plots overview

The Hao Jin Tapestry was recovered by the Pathfinder Society during Year of the Ruby Phoenix, a fantastical tapestry containing a demiplane. The tapestry became a favorite artifact of the society, who would use the tapestry as a conduit for rapid travel across Golarion, and would launch many missions to catalogue the wonder of the tapestry's inner world. Recent investigations reveal that the tapestry is in critical condition and constant decline. If the society does not act quickly to repair it, the demiplane will rip apart spilling its contents into the Astral Plane. To save the tapestry, Agents must do what they do best to save lives, preserve history, and track down the ancient scholar who understands the tapestry’s structure.

The tapestry is not the only mission this year. Agents will track down relics from the Shining Crusade against the infamous lich Tar Baphon, receive a transformative blessing from a demigod, and prevent a powerful demon from capitalizing on the collapsing Worldwound to rise as a new demon lord.

Meanwhile, the Decemvirate, the Society's ten leaders who work cloaked in masks that obscure their identities from even the strongest of magic, face exposure or exploitation the Shadow Lodge's Grandmaster Torch finally gets his hands on a list of names of the Decemvirate’s members. 1

Season 10 releases

The following adventures have been announced as part of Season 10 but could change upon release.

This table can be sorted by scenario number, title, level tier, metaplot arc, venture-captain assigning the mission, faction metaplot, location, or country.

PFS# Title Tier Metaplot/Notes Venture-Captain Faction Location Country
10-00 Hao Jin Cataclysm, TheThe Hao Jin Cataclysm 1-11 Hao Jin
Season of the Ten Convention Special 2018
Aram Zey Hao Jin Tapestry
10-01 Oathbreakers Die 1-5 Istivil Bosk Daggermark River Kingdoms
10-02 Bones of Biting Ants 3-7 Finze Bellaugh Mwangi Expanse
10-03 Death on the Ice 5-9 Bjersig Torrsen Crown of the World
10-04 Reaver's Roar 7-11 Shevar Besnik Silver Crusade Lastwall
10-05 Testament of Souls 3-7 Mysteries Under Moonlight 1 Sheila Heidmarch Magnimar Varisia
10-06 Treason's Chains 1-5 Roderus Liberty's Edge Katapesh
10-07 Howling Dance, TheThe Howling Dance 3-7 Mysteries Under Moonlight 2 Sheila Heidmarch Varisia
10-08 What Prestige is Worth 7-11 Zarta Dralneen Dark Archive Dis Hell
10-09 Rasping Rebirth, TheThe Rasping Rebirth 12-15 Jorsal of Lauterbury Rasping Rifts Outer Rifts
10-10 Shattered Shield, TheThe Shattered Shield 1-5 Obo Dark Archive Azir Rahadoum
10-11 Hao Jin Hierophant, TheThe Hao Jin Hierophant 5-9 Hao Jin Sorrina Westyr Hao Jin Tapestry
10-12 Breath of the Dragonskull 1-5 Jorsal of Lauterbury Iobaria
10-13 Fragments of Antiquity 5-9 Hao Jin Ambrus Valsin None Hao Jin Tapestry
10-14 Debt to the Quah 3-7 Ambrus Valsin
10-15 Tapestry's Trial 7-11 Hao Jin Sorrina Westyr Axis
10-16 What the Helms Hide 1-5 Sequal to The Wounded Wisp Kreighton Shaine None Korvosa Varisia
10-17 On Sevenfingers's Sails 7-11 Gloomspires finale Calisro Benarry None Gloomspires The Shackles
10-18 The Daughters' Due 5-9 Part of the Blackros Museum Storyline Ambrus Valsin None The Blackros Museum Absalom
10-19 Corpses in Kalsgard 5-9 Bjersig Torrsen None Kalsgard Lands of the Linnorm Kings
10-20 Countdown to Round Mountain 7-11 Sequel to The Rats of Round Mountain scenarios Amara Li The Exchange Nagajor Tian Xia
10-21 Slaver's End 5-9 Karisa Starsight Liberty's Edge Sedeq Qadira
10-22 Who Wears the Mask 12-18 Passing the Torch 1 Vahlo Huovar Mediogalti Island
10-23 Who Speaks for the Ten 12-18 Passing the Torch 2 Eliza Petulengro Absalom
10-98 Siege of Gallowspire 5-16 Marcos Farabellus Ustalav


Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild's season numbering reset after this season, coinciding with the release of Pathfinder Second Edition in August 2019. The next season is Year of the Open Road and is also designated as "Season 1".