Castle Mashir

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Castle Mashir sits at the western end of the inner city of Caliphas and guards both the Lady's Harbor and the west gate leading into the walled inner city. As well as its obvious military roles, Castle Mashir also serves as the heart of Caliphas's port authority and as a prison for the city's most dangerous inmates. Officially, Brigadier Holladyne Vronds serves as the castle's commander but, in fact, each facet of castle life functions effectively autonomously. The Gateless Tower serves as the prison and is run by Warden Browden Celdmoor who takes seriously his role to rehabilitate prisoners (and not just to be their jailer) due to his faith in Pharasma. The port authority is overseen by Jasaline Morstenni who runs a tight operation and rigorously enforces local taxes and nautical law though, sometimes, she employs her charms and good looks to ease the sting of the taxes, fines, and citations she doles out.1


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