Castle Golbanze

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Castle Golbanze sits above the notorious Reaping Rock where the ruined skeletons of dozens of wrecked vessels litter the shores of Lake Encarthan. Castle Golbanze to this day guards the watery entrance to Caliphas despite the city not having faced invasion from the water since the Shining Crusades. The castle bristles with siege weapons and serves as a base for much of the purple-and-black sailed Ustalavic Navy. Both Castle Golbanze and the navy are under the command of Admiral Marris Riddian. Her forces guard the citizens of Ustalav against a variety of threats ranging from lake pirates to aquatic monsters to roving zealots from nearby Razmiran. Some of the Ustalavic Navy's most famous vessels operate out of Castle Golbanze, including the Devilfish under the command of Captain Almira "Cardinal" Perine; Princess Maraet commanded by Captain Liald Gaspair; and the largest ship of the navy the Indomitable captained by Leos Tailor.1