Valislav Ordranti

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Valislav Ordranti

Eunuch Prince
Ustalav: formerly Ardis;
ultimately Caliphas
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 140

The former ruler of Ustalav, Prince Valislav Ordranti, was known to most as the Eunuch Prince. The Eunuch Prince was an unpopular ruler issuing poor decree after poor decree, including the decision to move Ustalav's capital from its traditional home of Ardis to the port city of Caliphas in 4674 AR. His death, later in 4674 AR, of a chronic illness1 caused his home country no end of problems: his younger brother Aduard reluctantly accepted the burden of rule, as the Eunuch Prince was believed to have left no heirs. Unfortunately, it seems the Eunuch Prince failed to live up to his name with a long-time female companion, Millaera Caliphvaso, claiming that Valislav had fathered her child Reneis. This situation has caused much turmoil in Ustalav's court and remains unresolved.2

The Palatinates

It was Prince Valislav's indifference that allowed the Palatinates in the north-west third of the country to gain their independence from their hereditary rulers. In 4670 AR, the northern province of Lozeri overthrew their hereditary duke, placing a council of prominent citizens in charge. This approach caught on, and soon two of the neighbouring counties—Canterwall, and Vieland—had also thrown off the rule of their hereditary noble lords in bloodless coups.34


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