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Winter Klaczka

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Winter Klaczka

Church of Pharasma
Source: In Search of Sanity, pg(s). 60f.

Winter Klaczka is a changeling priestess of Pharasma native to the Ustalavic city of Caliphas, who was charged with aiding a party of Royal Accusers in investigating Count Haserton Lowls IV. The count was suspected of embezzling taxes, as well as in a number of disappearances and other strange events in the town of Thrushmoor. Winter was instructed to head to the Briarstone Asylum to investigate a group of amnesiac patients left there by Count Lowls. She was among those trapped there when the asylum became isolated by the reality-warping mists produced by a group of oneirogens, was partially collapsed due to severe tremors, and was overrun by escaped patients, ghouls, and doppelgangers. She led a group of survivors to seek refuge in the asylum's chapel, becoming their de facto leader in their efforts to survive in the building's ruins.12


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