Luvick Siervage

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Luvick Siervage

Source: Shadows of Gallowspire, pg(s). 64

Luvick Siervage is one of the oldest vampires in Ustalav and has been the leader of the vampire community of the city of Caliphas for many centuries. He is an ardent opponent of the rule of the Whispering Tyrant.1


Luvick Siervage is the arch-enemy of Malyas, a general serving under the Whispering Tyrant. Frustratingly, Malyas was unable to confront Siervage before the Shining Crusade forced him to abandon his plan. Having survived the Shining Crusade, Malyas still harbours a hatred for Siervage and his vampires to this day, and Siervage in turn knows Malyas' mind better than anyone else.23


Having lived for more than two millennia and predating the Whispering Tyrant's rise to power, Siervage holds himself to be above him, and defied the Tyrant when he granted Malyas dominion over all vampires in Ustalav. During the Shining Crusade, Siervage successfully led his vampires to survive in the shadows of Caliphas while the crusaders fought and defeated the Tyrant.4

In 3866 AR, Luvick Siervage decided to move his lair and vampiric minions to the ruins under the newly burgeoning city of Caliphas where he is still the leader centuries later.5

In 4288 AR, Siervage was forced to order his minions to retreat into deeper hiding and become much more subtle, after rogue vampires attacked the populace of Caliphas indiscriminately. These rash acts ensured a backlash against all undead in the city from the authorities, ending up in hundreds of vampires being destroyed.6


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