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Titles Royal Advisor to Prince Odranti
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Rogue 10
Gender Male
Homeland Caliphas, Ustalav
Organization Bureau of Special Affairs

Source: Ashes at Dawn, pg(s). 65

Diauden serves as an advisor to the current ruler of Ustalav, Prince Aduard Ordranti III, although the exact nature of his position is shrouded in secrecy. Diauden is effectively the only person the Bureau of Special Affairs are answerable to and the Bureau itself is enshrouded in mystery. They operate out of the Whiteshaw building alongside Caliphas's police, the Department of Constables and Investigators, but they do not fall within their jurisdiction and no one outside Diauden, the organisation, and perhaps Prince Odranti seem to know the Bureau's actual purpose.[1]


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