Marris Riddian

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Marris Riddian
Titles Admiral
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human
Class Fighter 9
Gender Female
Homeland Caliphas, Ustalav
Organization Ustalavic Navy

Source: Ashes at Dawn, pg(s). 63

Admiral Marris Riddian is the commander of both Castle Golbanze and the ships of the Ustalavic Navy that use the castle as their home base. Marris is widely known as an honourable commander and her duties include protecting the people of Caliphas (and those who dwell along Ustalav's coast) from the pirates of Lake Encarthan, aquatic monsters of all sorts, and sometimes even fanatics from nearby Razmiran sailing their so-called 'faith barges'. Under Marris's command are some of the Ustalavic Navy's most famous vessels, including the Devilfish, under the command of Captain Almira "Cardinal" Perine; Princess Maraet, commanded by Captain Liald Gaspair; and the largest ship of the navy, the Indomitable, captained by Leos Tailor.[1]


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