Quinley Basdel

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Quinley Basdel
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Dhampir
Class Fighter 3 / Rogue 6
Gender Male
Homeland Caliphas, Ustalav

Source: Ashes at Dawn, pg(s). 16–19

Quinley Basdel is a dhampir resident of the city of Caliphas who serves as something of a go-between for the vampires of the city and its human residents.[1]


Quinley's mother was pregnant when she was bitten and infected with vampirism, she then died whilst in labour, but rose again shortly afterwards in her new undead form. She then stole away into the night with her newborn son and was granted protection by the ancient Luvick Siervage within Caliphas's Vampire Underground.[1]

Quinley's mother was later killed by a member of the Whispering Way, an organisation that has no love for the vampires of Caliphas, who they view as traitors to the Whispering Tyrant.[1] Quinley is something of a free agent as he has also worked with the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye.[2]


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