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Titles Village of Stories
Nation Osirion
Region Sphinx Basin
Size Village
Population 169

Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 38

Kalit is a small village on the River Sphinx in Osirion.


It has, for thousands of years, maintained a tradition of interviewing passing strangers to tell the elders their life stories. The elders are highly insistent, so it is rare that any traveler stops in Kalit and manages not to share their life story. These stories are preserved orally, and once a decade, those stories deemed important or special are committed to papyrus. These scrolls have been kept, so Kalit holds an extensive though idiosyncratic history of Osirion and the other lands of the Inner Sea region, told via countless autobiographies. In recent years, adventurers have been eagerly stopping by, asking to peruse the old stories for relic-seeking leads in exchange for freely relating their own.[1]