Prison Barge of Ap-Tula

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The Prison Barge of Ap-Tula is a floating fortress prison, hundreds of feet long with thick cedar walls. It was constructed to imprison the jabali1 Lord Geraksis after he was captured by Pharaoh Menedes XX.2

Lord Geraksis had boasted that no prison could hold him because of his friendship with the spirits of the earth. The prison ship has survived more than 3,000 years, by hiding deep in the Sphinx Delta, avoiding conflicts. and never touching land. The prison is guarded by a secretive order that allows no visitors and nobody outside the order has gone inside and returned to tell it. Lord Geraksis is still presumed to be on board and over the millennia the prison barge has been home to other prisoners who were too dangerous to kill. The prisoners that are currently held within are known only to the barge crew and perhaps to the Ruby Prince.2


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