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Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 10

Erekrus is a subterranean necropolis in southern Osirion, west of Mount Osiki. It is built on the side of the mountain and serves as a necropolis for pharaohs who were noble and worthy for Pahmet's blessings. In Ancient Osirion it was a great honor to be blessed by the Pahmet.123

Two of the pharaohs who earned the blessings of the Pahmet of Erekrus were Osezis II and Menedes XVII. Osezis II became famous for his policies which ended a nationwide famine. He was entombed in Erekrus in -652 AR. Menedes XVII earned Pahmet's favor because he managed to abolish the slavery system during his reign. He was entombed in Erekrus in 1262 AR.12

Erekrus is ruled by a pair of priests who claim to be siblings, Garzukk and Trelka. Together they guide the Pahmet in their prayers and rituals to honor the deceased god-kings of Osirion. They have disparate features for siblings as Garzukk who is the older of the two, has long golden locks of hair and bronze skin while Trelka is dour with dusky skin.12


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