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Nation Osirion
Region Brazen Frontier
Demographics Pahmet dwarves

Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 10

Erekrus is a subterranean necropolis in southern Osirion, west of Mount Osiki. It is built on the side of the mountain and serves as a necropolis for pharaohs who were noble and worthy for Pahmet's blessings. In Ancient Osirion it was a great honor to be blessed by the Pahmet.[1]

Two of the pharaohs who earned the blessings of the Pahmet of Erekrus were Osezis II and Menedes XVII. Osezis II became famous for his policies which ended a nationwide famine. He was entombed in Erekrus in -652 AR. Menedes XVII earned Pahmet's favor because he managed to abolish the slavery system during his reign. He was entombed in Erekrus in 1262 AR.[1]

Erekrus is ruled by a pair of priests who claim to be siblings, Garzukk and Trelka. Together they guide the Pahmet in their prayers and rituals to honor the deceased god-kings of Osirion.[1]