Labyrinth of Shiman-Sekh

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The Labyrinth of Shiman-Sekh is a maze of black glass obelisks and white marble plazas located near Shiman-Sekh. It was built during the height of the reign of the Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues, who envisioned it as a trap that might bind the power of a godlike entity into his own form. In -3070 AR, after many years of construction that claimed the lives of numerous slaves, the pharaoh targeted the daemonic harbinger Zelishkar for his experiment. His attempt ended in a catastrophic failure as Zelishkar overpowered all of his wards, assistants, and magical devices before the pharaoh released an ancient efreeti. Together, they summoned a genie army and bound Zelishkar and the 666 fiends rampaging through the labyrinth into the Bottle of the Bound.[1][2]

After the Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues

After the Song Pharaoh overthrew the Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues, she sealed the portal to the Labyrinth of Shiman-Sekh and founded the city of Shiman-Sekh nearby. In -2044 AR, the Lich Pharaoh An-Hepsu XI, with the help of Szuriel, freed Zelishkar from the Labyrinth of Shiman-Sekh to unleash him upon a Shory city, but he went out of control and devastated several cities before being re-imprisoned. Zelishkar has since remained in the Labyrinth of Shiman-Sekh, plotting burning vengeance upon Osirion and all of Golarion for his imprisonment.[3][4]

Recent history

In either 4688 AR or 4698 AR,[5] the Labyrinth of Shiman-Sekh was uncovered beneath the topsoil of the Golden Oasis by workers digging a well in the outskirts of Shiman-Sekh. Khemet III immediately ordered the ruin resealed and tasked a Risen Guard contingent to watch over it.[6][7]


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