Gozarin Necropolis

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The Gozarin Necropolis is a vast field of tombs, crypts, and graveyards within the Tremor Valley in central Osirion, west of the Pillars of the Sun.1


Notable emperors buried here include the Yafeha Dynasty, Sekhemib I, and members of the late Zahur Dynasty. The impressive entrances of the 30-some crypts and tombs lead down to swaths of interconnected catacombs. The central structure in the necropolis is the Pyramid of Masks, the first structure built in Tremor Valley after the death of Jetrieti I in -2957 AR. It was the burial site of the Masked Pharaoh and most of his direct descendants. From this massive structure subsequent rulers built outward and created their own tombs and crypts.1

Jah-Ipo Priesthood

The Jah-Ipo priesthood is a small group of clerics that maintains the grave sites of Gebessek IX and the aboveground levels of the Pyramid of Masks in the Gozarin Necropolis. Their authority does not extend beyond these distinct locations, but they are uneasy with the way adventurers and tomb delvers pillage the lesser and older graves of the expansive necropolis. In 4707 AR, with Khemet III's opening of Osirion's tombs to explorers, the Jah-Ipo lost their right to arrest and try grave-robbers.1


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