Water Gardens of Xerbystes

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The Water Gardens of Xerbystes were commissioned by Xerbystes I, the first Qadiran satrap of Osirion in the 16th century AR. Feeling that the delta of the River Sphinx was underutilized, the satrap ordered a complex of gardens and pools to be built on an island, and had it shored up against flooding. The new Keleshite elite frequented the garden, but it was avoided by the Osirians, who felt that the attempt to hold back the river was disrespectful to the water spirits. The river reclaimed the island in the great flood of 1535 AR, killing everyone who was there, and it has never been reoccupied. Occasionally, the island will reemerge, leaving parts of the Gardens high and dry, but they soon submerge in the Sphinx's floods again.1