Pyramid of Masks

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The towering Pyramid of Masks is the central structure of the Gozarin Necropolis in the vast Tremor Valley of Osirion's central desert. The pharaoh Jetrieti I was entombed in the pyramid, which was the first burial site of the famous Necropolis.123


The Pyramid of Masks was dedicated to the Jetrieti Dynasty and has dozens of levels both above and below ground. The above-ground levels inside of the Pyramid of Masks are jealously guarded by the Jah-Ipo priesthood, but the guardians of the lower levels are much more dangerous.3

The Jetrieti Dynasty's most powerful rulers and their followers were buried in tombs guarded by barbed ubashki leopards and Jetrieti's personal legion of mummy-guardians, known as the Ashen Architects. Hieroglyphics on the site describe a trapped nightwalker guarding the catacombs' lowest level.3

The pyramid's capstone is made of magical ebon stone. To seal their alliance, a piece of the same source of stone was gifted by the pharoah Jetrieti III to the Tekritanin League warlord Simret, who fashioned it into the fanatically Osiriani mace Abat-Ne.4


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