Oxjaw Falls

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The Oxjaw Falls is a 40-foot-tall cataract formed by the Crook River east of the Slave Trenches of Hakotep, near the headwaters of the river. The Crook drops suddenly from the highlands into the lower reaches of the Brazen Frontier region of Osirion. Oxjaw Falls create a moist and verdant pocket within a rocky grotto. The lizardfolk that live at the base of the cataract worship and guard an ancient altar set into the grotto's mossy walls. At the top of the cataract the water flows through deep channels between flat rocks (resembling the ox's teeth) that allow a slippery crossing for travelers on foot. It is the only safe foot crossing west of the Shallows of Ipeq and has the advantage of being away from the Ipeq guards and gossipy fisher folk.1


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