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Shotep-Kara on the Scorpion Coast of Osirion was a military and commercial hub connecting Tumen to the Obari Ocean. The city port lost its prominent role after the death of the Four Pharaohs and the ruin of Tumen. A number of earthquakes and tsunamis finally drew the city into the sea in 1687 AR.[1] The ancient monuments and temples of Shotep-Kara lie in ruins underwater. The place remains imbued with powerful magic. At the height of Four Pharaohs reign, conjuration magic connected the port to the far corners of the empire and beyond. It is said that the magic persists to this day, though in wildly unstable form. Oceanic horrors and unquiet spirits infest the waters but Shotep-Kara may still offer magical passage to places far beyond, or even places in other planes.[2]


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