Killik-Tura Oasis

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The Killik-Tura Oasis, sometimes spelt Kilik-Tura Oasis,1 is located in the western reaches of the Footprints of Rovagug region of Osirion, east of the Junira River.2 The water at the small oasis is cool and plentiful. Killik-Tura Oasis is a popular stop for caravans despite the rumors that large worm-like creatures occasionally emerge from the oasis. The oasis is formed as a perfect circle, effectively bottomless, and its subterranean, water-filled tunnels branch out for miles. A fantastical tale says that the tunnels open into dry caverns filled with crawling horrors and feral humanoids. The truth is that Crawlbrother, a distinguished agent of the nearby Darklands ghoulish city of Nemret-Noktoria, lurks beneath the waters.1


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