Sarkorian god

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When the Worldwound opened in the northern Avistani nation of Sarkoris in 4606 AR,1 most of its population that did not die in the resulting war, fled the advancing demonic horde and took their religious and cultural traditions with them. The majority relocated to Mendev and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, but over time, the Sarkorians' traditions became intermingled with local ones and many of the older Sarkorian gods were forgotten or put aside. Today, the most prominent of the old Sarkorian gods are Alglenweis (who is particularly popular in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords), the Stag Mother of the Forest of Stones, and Sturovenen. Other gods in this pantheon, who are even more obscure than these three, include Idovik, Kagia, Luwaka, Esonu, Gosiak, Dowanu, and Fonalu.2


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