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Nation Taldor
Size Large town
Population 2,144
Ruler Baron Zahid Passara IV

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 182

Golsifar is a small port town on Taldor's Inner Sea coast, located approximately 90 miles north of the mouth of the Jalrune River in the prefecture of Moda. It serves as the prefectural capital.[1]

As the southern staging point for the Taldan Imperial Navy, the settlement unsurprisingly has strong military leanings.[2]

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On the 28th day of Kuthona, in -1144 AR, Grand Prince Taldaris, the founder of the nation, saved Golsifar from Verksaris the Kingeater, a mighty dragon. From the dragon's mouth, Taldaris ripped the gold used to create the Primogen Crown. This heroic act, unfortunately, led to the death of Taldaris three days later when he succumbed to the dragon's venom to which he had been exposed.[3]


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