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Echoes of the Everwar

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The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world. This article contains spoilers for the following products: #36 The Prisoner of Skull Hill, #42 The Watcher of Ages, #44 Terror at Whistledown, and #53 The Faithless Dead

The Echoes of the Everwar series is a Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign arc published during Season 1. The background of all four of the adventures in the campaign arc draw on the Chelish war of expansion that took place in the early 44th to early 45h centuries AR known as the Everwar, and involve the four concubines of the Osiriani merchant Khalfani Zuberi. The first three scenarios can be played in any order, but the fourth one must be played last.

Scenarios in the series

Set in the Skittermounds of the Hold of Belkzen, in this adventure the PCs must explore the abandoned Chelish fortress of Skull Hill and contend with an unusually enhanced tribe of orcs.
In this scenario the PCs explore the Collapsed Halls, a ruined fortress in western Cheliax, in order to recover the ring of Meskhenet the Wise.
The PCs are sent to the gnome town of Whistledown in Varisia to secure the body of the Osirian concubine Kamilah, but discover and undead menace stalking its streets.
The PCs are asked by Venture-Captain Norden Balentiir to recover the remains of the concubines stolen from the Necropolis of the Faithful in Sothis.