Collapsed Halls

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The Collapsed Halls are the haunted ruins of a castle located on the upper Maiestas River west of the Barrowood, near the borders of the Chelish Archduchies of Menador and the Heartlands.[1][2][3]


The castle, originally called the Halls of Zuberi, was constructed around the turn of the 44th century AR by Meskhenet, a mistress of a wealthy Osirian merchant named Khalfani Zuberi.[4][3] She abandoned it in less than a decade, upsetting Zuberi into abandoning it completely. The castle collapsed years later.[3]


While most inhabitants of Cheliax consider the ruins simply an abandoned mess full of greasy, corrupted plants and fungi, it is in fact secretly inhabited by blighted fey led by a blighted huldra named Lenira Re. The fey seek to corrupt the Barrowood, and capture fey and humanoids who pass by the ruins in their pursuit of this goal.[3]


Paizo published an article about the Collapsed Halls in Cheliax, The Infernal Empire.