Xiren Bhey

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Xiren Bhey
Titles Captain
Race/Species Human (Keleshite)
Gender Male
Homeland Okeno, Katapesh
Organization Okeno Slavers

Source: Pirates of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 8f.

Keleshite Captain Xiren Bhey is the current leader of Okeno Slavers. He arrived in Okeno more than ten years ago and gained the reputation of a ruthless slaver. In 4704 AR, Captain Xiren Bhey killed the leader of Okeno Slavers in a duel and established himself as the new leader. He captains the galley Undertow. He proved himself a skilled diplomat on land as he is a cut-throat on the water. Captain Bhey managed to increase cooperation between the slavers uniting ships and captains he feels work well together. These small fleets, encompassing two to six ships, have orders to target Andoren privateers and look for charts or written orders, revealing privateer's strategies.[1]