Defiled Corpse tribe

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Defiled Corpse tribe
Type Orc tribe
Leader Bugark Zomash
Headquarters Hold of Belkzen
Scope National
Structure Tribal

Source: Orcs of Golarion, pg(s). 15

The Defiled Corpse tribe is one of the most dangerous orc tribes in the Hold of Belkzen. They revere Zon-Kuthon and their appearance is horrific. They delight in torturing captives but they often torture themselves, as a sign of endurance and devotion. The tribe is feared and reviled even by the other orc tribes.[1]

A shaman of the Defiled Corpse tribe, called Ungukk Fleshdredge, created a terrible flesh golem called the Carcass-Man of Belkzen.[2][3]


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