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The Irregulars

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The Irregulars
The Irregulars
Author(s) Neal F. Litherland
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price ePub: $0.99
Serialized April 2013
Released October 2013
Type Short Fiction
Binding ePub
ISBN 978-1-60125-631-7 (ebook)
Series Pathfinder Tales web fiction
Chapters 4 chapters
Follows Bastard, Sword
Precedes Stargazer
Artwork from The Irregulars

"The Irregulars", a short story by Neal F. Litherland, was released as Pathfinder Tales web fiction in April 2013 and as a compiled ebook in October 2013.

In Molthune, a nation with ambitions overreaching its means, slavery is just another tool to aid in expansion. Fortunately for the slaves, the abolitionist nation of Andoran is right next door. When a ragtag group of Andoren "troops" sets forth to free the enslaved workers of a Multhuni mine, they'll need every trick the eccentric Lieutenant Sturgeon Hook can cook up. Yet will the Irregulars succeed in their mission, or will they perish at the hands of the slavers they so despise—or worse, end up slaves themselves?


  1. "The Setup" - April 3, 2013 - link
  2. "Scouting Party" - April 10, 2013 - link
  3. "In the Black" - April 17, 2013 - link
  4. "Out with a Bang" - April 24, 2013 - link


"The Irregulars" features the following characters:


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