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Through the Gate in the Sea

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Through the Gate in the Sea
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Book - Novel
February 21, 2017
February 21, 2017
February 21, 2017

Through the Gate in the Sea, a Pathfinder Tales novel by Howard Andrew Jones, was released on February 21, 2017. It features Mirian Raas and is a sequel to Beyond the Pool of Stars.

Portal to Destiny
Mirian Raas and her faithful crew make their living salvaging lost treasures from sunken ships along the coast of tropical Sargava. While retrieving riches from the bottom of Desperation Bay, Mirian and her friend Jekka, one of the last of his lizardfolk tribe, unexpectedly run across the wreck of an ancient magical ship. The discovery leads them on a quest for an arcane artifact called a dragon's tear, which may be the key to locating Jekka's vanished people. But a vengeful sorcerer and a zealous agent of the Child-God Walkena also seek the dragon's tear—and they'll stop at nothing to get it. Can Mirian and her crew pass through the legendary gate in the sea and find the tear before it's too late?


Through the Gate in the Sea features the following characters:


Maps 8 19. Changing Plans [Ensara] 194
1. Treasure in the Deep [Mirian] 11 20. Net of Fire [Ivrian] 205
2. The Black Ship [Mirian] 22 21. The Open Window [Jekka] 213
3. Unexpected Allies [Mirian] 32 22. Questions from a Death Mask [Jekka] 220
4. The Thing in the Hold [Mirian] 43 23. The Eyes at the Bottom of the Sea [Mirian] 226
5. Dragon Tears [Ivrian] 52 24. A Friend Below [Mirian] 243
6. The Next Bottle [Ensara] 78 25. Revelations [Ivrian] 252
7. River of Blades [Mirian] 92 26. The Veil [Jekka] 258
8. Reunion [Ivrian] 107 27. Into the Mist [Mirian] 262
9. Faces of the Dead [Jekka] 115 28. Rough Passage [Mirian] 267
10. Warnings from the Dark [Mirian] 127 29. Beyond the Gate [Jekka] 275
11. The Newcomers [Ivrian] 132 30. The Storm in the Temple [Jekka] 290
12. The Dead King [Mirian] 139 31. The Music of the Tear [Ivrian] 298
13. Death in the Hall of Corpses [Mirian] 151 32. Homecoming [Jekka] 303
14. Wood for the Burning [Ensara] 157 33. A Drink between Friends [Mirian] 309
15. The Compass [Mirian] 163 About the Author 315
16. The Catacombs [Jekka] 168 Acknowledgements 317
17. Guests of the House [Ivrian] 175 Glossary 319
18. People of the Vault [Mirian] 182

Paizo published Chapter Two in the Paizo Blog as a sample chapter from the novel.

Tor Books published a "sneak peek" of Chapter 2 "Welcoming Committee" from Gears of Faith by Gabrielle Harbowy on pp. 323ff.

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The author, Howard Andrew Jones, discussed the process of writing his novel, Through the Gate in the Sea, in an article published in the Paizo blog.


This is a clean version of the artwork for the cover of Through the Gate in the Sea:

Clean version of the cover for Through the Gate in the Sea