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Gears of Faith

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Gears of Faith
Gears of Faith
Author(s) Gabrielle Harbowy
Publisher Tor Books
Price Print: $14.99
ePub/PDF: $9.99
Released April 4, 2017
Type Novel
Binding Trade paperback, ePub, PDF
Pages 288 pages
isbn ISBN 978-0-7653-8440-9
Series Pathfinder Tales
Chapters 29 chapters
Follows Through the Gate in the Sea
Artwork from Gears of Faith

Gears of Faith, a Pathfinder Tales novel by Gabrielle Harbowy, was released on April 4, 2017.

Battle for the BloodstoneKeren is a sworn knight of Iomedae, proper and disciplined in every way. Her partner, Zae, is the opposite—a curious gnome priestess of the clockwork goddess, who loves nothing more than the chaos of her makeshift hospitals. When a powerful evil artifact is stolen from a crusader stronghold, both knight and gnome are sent to the great city of Absalom and immediately drawn into the clandestine search for the stolen Bloodstone. Sure, they may not be the most powerful or experienced members of their organizations, but that's the whole point—with legendary champions and undead graveknights battling in their race to recover the stone, who'll notice one young knight and a gnome healer? All they have to do is stay alive long enough to outsmart a thief capable of evading both gods and heroes. No big deal, right?

From author Gabrielle Harbowy comes a novel of love, faith, and undead espionage, set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


Gears of Faith features the following characters:

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Maps 8 17. Waylaid [Zae] 168
1. Don't Eat the Messenger [Zae] 11 18. The Turis [Zae] 176
2. Welcoming Committee [Zae] 21 19. Subjective Truths [Keren] 183
3. Special Delivery [Keren] 34 20. Stone and Clay [Zae] 194
4. Location, Location, Location [Zae] 43 21. Paper Trail [Zae] 203
5. Alive and Ticking [Zae] 50 22. Blood Trail [Zae] 209
6. Tempering [Keren] 56 23. The Grand Tour [Keren] 216
7. Green and Gold, and Arterial Red [Keren] 71 24. Trail's End [Zae] 225
8. Pennies for Your Thoughts [Keren] 82 25. An Abundance of Not-Lies [Zae] 234
9. Creature Discomforts [Zae] 88 26. A Delicate Dance [Keren] 241
10. Crusaders and Crusades [Keren] 97 27. In the Fray [Zae] 251
11. Drafted into Drafting [Zae] 110 28. The Chasm's Edge [Keren] 256
12. New Tricks [Keren] 120 29. The Worst Patient [Zae] 262
13. Medic, Heal Thyself [Zae] 128 About the Author 267
14. A Girl's Second-Best Friend [Zae] 138 Acknowledgements 269
15. Duck and Castle [Keren] 143 Glossary 271
16. The Bandage Brigade [Zae] 160

Paizo published Chapter Two "Welcoming Committee" in the Paizo Blog as a sample chapter from the novel.

Tor Books published no "sneak peek" section in this novel, probably due to the break in publishing of novels in the series after Gears of Faith.

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Liane Merciel interviewed Gabrielle Harbowy about writing her novel, Gears of Faith, in an article published in the Paizo blog.

Gabrielle Harbowy was also interviewed about this novel by Tynga's Reviews: click here.


This is a clean version of the artwork for the cover of Gears of Faith:

Clean version of the cover for Gears of Faith