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Author(s) Wendy N. Wagner
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price Print: $9.99
eBook: $6.99
Audiobook: $24.95
Released Print/eBook: March 2014
Audiobook: October 2015
Type Novel
Narrator Karen White
Runtime 10 h 42 m
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-616-4
ISBN 978-1-60125-617-1 (ebook)
Series Pathfinder Tales
Follows The Dagger of Trust
Precedes The Redemption Engine
Artwork from Skinwalkers

Skinwalkers, a Pathfinder Tales novel by Wendy N. Wagner, was released in March 2014. An audiobook version narrated by Karen White was released in October 2015.

As a young woman, Jendara left the cold northern isles of the Ironbound Archipelago to find her fortune. Now, many years later, she's forsaken her buccaneer ways and returned home in search of a simpler life, where she can raise her young son Kran in peace. When a strange clan of shapeshifting raiders pillages her home, however, there's no choice for Jendara but to take up her axes once again to help the islanders defend all that they hold dear.


Skinwalkers features the following characters:


  • Map (8)
  • Chapter 1 Pig-Sticking (9)
  • Chapter 3 Funerals (43)
  • Chapter 4 Invitation to a Hunt (57)
  • Chapter 5 Skinscour Causeway (73)
  • Chapter 6 Sea Snakes (83)
  • Chapter 7 Blackbirds (93)
  • Chapter 8 Homecoming (111)
  • Chapter 9 Black Ship, Cold Water (131)
  • Chapter 10 A Plan (151)
  • Chapter 11 Chum (169)
  • Chapter 12 Signs and Stories (183)
  • Chapter 13 Followers (201)
  • Chapter 14 Guarded City (215)
  • Chapter 15 Book-Learning (233)
  • Chapter 16 Smoke and Mirrors (251)
  • Chapter 17 Tripping a Trap (261)
  • Chapter 18 Searing Flesh (283)
  • Chapter 19 Awakenings (301)
  • Chapter 20 The Wise (313)
  • Chapter 21 Inside the Crow's Nest (343)
  • Chapter 22 Skinwalker (357)
  • Chapter 23 Family (371)
  • About the Author (377)
  • Glossary (381)


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Plot summary

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For a more comprehensive reading order for Wendy N. Wagner's stories, see the Pathfinder Tales chronology.

The novel's accompanying Pathfinder Tales web fiction, 'Winter's Wolves', is set about one month before the beginning of Skinwalkers.[1]

The earlier web fiction story 'Mother Bears' should be read before both 'Winter's Wolves' and Skinwalkers.

The events in this novel precede those in Starspawn.


External links

Wendy N. Wagner discussed Skinwalkers, her web fiction 'Mother Bears', and the creation of the stories' heroine Jendara Eriksdottir on the Paizo Blog in February 2014.

Another interview with the author about Skinwalkers from May 2014 is documented at the Grassy Knoll web site.

Wagner's web site includes a page dedicated to Skinwalkers that features reviews of the novel.


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