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The Dollmaker

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The Dollmaker
Book - Short Fiction
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The Dollmaker is a short story written by Jason Keeley published in August 2016 as a Pathfinder's Journal in the first volume of the Strange Aeons Adventure Path, In Search of Sanity. It is the first of six thematically-linked short stories published throughout the Adventure Path, and a list of all the short stories in the series is found below.

James L. Sutter announced the end of the Pathfinder's Journal series in an August 2016 Paizo Blog article, stating that The Dollmaker [and its companion short stories] would be the last set of stories in the series. Pathfinder's Journal was to be ended sooner but "then [Paizo] realized we'd be kicking ourselves forever if we didn't take the chance to let six different authors write six Lovecraftian stories!"

Short Stories in the Strange Aeons Adventure Path

  1. The Dollmaker by Jason Keeley - In Search of Sanity (74)
  2. Cattle and Their Allies by Christopher Rowe - The Thrushmoor Terror (74)
  3. The Tower in Darkness by Wendy N. Wagner - Dreams of the Yellow King (74)
  4. Symphony of Madness by Jason Scott Aiken - The Whisper Out of Time (74)
  5. The Tomb of the Winds by Arinn Dembo - What Grows Within (74)
  6. Close Conversation by Adam Daigle - Black Stars Beckon (76)


The Dollmaker features the following characters:


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