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Edgewatch Cold Case #1556.1, Evidence A

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Edgewatch Cold Case #1556.1, Evidence A
Iliana Sarmiseth, a gnome, wanders through a crowd in Absalom with open-mouthed amazement.
Publisher's product page
Author(s) Amber Stewart
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Free
Serialized July 29, 2020
Type Short Fiction
Chapters 1 chapter
Artwork from Edgewatch Cold Case 1556.1, Evidence A

"Edgewatch Cold Case #1556.1, Evidence A" is a short story by Amber Stewart, published as Paizo Blog web fiction on July 29, 2020. It is a tie-in to the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path.


  1. Edgewatch Cold Case #1556.1, Evidence A - July 29, 2020 - link


"Edgewatch Cold Case #1556.1, Evidence A" features the following characters:

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