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Cowards and Crows

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Cowards and Crows
Book - Short Fiction
February–July 2016
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Cowards and Crows is a novella in six parts written by Josh Vogt. The story was published serially throughout the Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path from February to July 2016. Though written by a different author, Cowards and Crows is a sequel to Monsters Among Us that was published in the previous Adventure Path, Hell's Rebels.


Cowards and Crows features the following characters:


  1. "On Raven's Wings" - The Hellfire Compact (74)
  2. "A Serpent's Tongue" - Wrath of Thrune (76)
  3. "In Spider's Silk" - The Inferno Gate (74)
  4. "The Scorpion's Sting" - For Queen & Empire (76)
  5. "The Hound's Maw" - Scourge of the Godclaw (74)
  6. "A Crow's Caw" - Hell Comes to Westcrown (76)


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  1. Item: amulet that cured KhemS [A 1/78; A 4/78]
  2. Item: "brass shield" 2/76
  3. Item: "dagger with nasty hooks protruding from the edge" 3/75
  4. Item: Drayven's ivory "white rod": golem control 6/78 [A 6/79]
  5. Location: Jistkan tower in Cheliax [A 5/78; A 5/79]
  6. Location: tea parlour [A 2/81]
  7. Spell: Ebela's fire spell, "flash of flame" 1/78 & "flash of light and another spew of smoke indicated a flame hitting the ground" 4/76
  8. Spell: Ebela's floating dagger: "floated into the air and bobbed beside her head" 4/76
  9. Spell: Khem's lightning spell needing wood 1/79