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The Tower in Darkness

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The Tower in Darkness
Author(s) Wendy N. Wagner
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Serialized November 2016
Released 2016
Type Short Fiction
Series Pathfinder's Journal
Chapters 1 chapter
Follows Cattle and Their Allies
Precedes Symphony of Madness
Artwork from The Tower in Darkness
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The Tower in Darkness is a short story written by Wendy N. Wagner published in November 2016 as a Pathfinder's Journal in the third volume of the Strange Aeons Adventure Path, Dreams of the Yellow King. It is the third of six thematically-linked short stories published throughout the Adventure Path, and a list of all the short stories in the series is found below.

Short Stories in the Strange Aeons Adventure Path

  1. The Dollmaker by Jason Keeley - In Search of Sanity (74)
  2. Cattle and Their Allies by Christopher Rowe - The Thrushmoor Terror (74)
  3. The Tower in Darkness by Wendy N. Wagner - Dreams of the Yellow King (74)
  4. Symphony of Madness by Jason Scott Aiken - The Whisper Out of Time (74)
  5. The Tomb of the Winds by Arinn Dembo - What Grows Within (74)
  6. Close Conversation by Adam Daigle - Black Stars Beckon (76)


The Tower in Darkness features the following characters:


Plot summary

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