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The River Road is the name given to the water route on the Sellen River between the Inner Sea and the Lake of Mists and Veils in northern Avistan. It is generally associated with the Mendevian Crusades, as it is the route that crusaders and pilgrims take on their way to the nation of Mendev and from there to battle the demons of the Worldwound.1


As most travel it only south to north (since many fail to return), the River Road is generally thought to begin at the city of Cassomir in Taldor.1 From there one travels up the Sellen River and into the Verduran Forest past the Isle of Arenway and the town of Bellis. The River Road crosses into strife-plagued Galt near the city of Woodsedge, and continues north on the eastern border of the elven nation of Kyonin to Kallas Lake. Once past the lake, the Sellen continues north into the River Kingdoms, passing the towns of Novoboro, the druidic enclave of Sevenarches, and the cities of Artume and strange Outsea. North of the River Kingdoms, the River Road passes into the Kellid nation of Numeria.2 Most travelers stop at the trade town of Hajoth Hakados (which is actually located on the Seven Tears River) as it is the first major settlement after many miles of travelling through the wilderness.3 Returning to the Sellen, the River Road continues past the town of Mormouth (located in the River Kingdom of Pitax) and then north through the eastern plains of Numeria before finally emptying into the Lake of Mists and Veils at the city of Chesed.2 From there most crusaders cross the Lake to the Mendevian town of Egede and from there overland past the Estrovian Forest to the capital city of Nerosyan.4

The Crusader Road

The Crusader Road is an offshoot of the River Road, and is an alternate way for crusaders and pilgrims to travel to Mendev. It follows the Sellen River from Cassomir to Kallas Lake, but splits there from the River Road, travelling up the West Sellen River north of Kyonin and continuing on that waterway past the nation of Razmiran and the River Kingdoms settlements of Tymon, Maashinelle, Thornkeep, and Lockridge. The Crusader Road in the River Kingdoms is heavily patrolled by bandits, confidence men, and others who wish to separate the naive or unprepared from their wealth.5 West of the Echo Wood it serves as the border between Numeria and Ustalav, passing the towns of Vische, Dravod Knock, and Aaramor and ends at Nerosyan.2 The Crusader Road was the primary route for reaching Mendev during the First and Second Mendevian Crusades. After the Sarkorian town of Storasta (that sits on the West Sellen) fell during the Second Crusade, the route became too dangerous, and the crusaders instead chose the longer path up the Sellen proper through the Numerian city of Chesed.3


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