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A Thassilonian relic from ancient times, the Spindlehorn is a fantastically tall structure located in the Wyvern Mountains of central Varisia. Thousands of feet in height, it rises from the shores of the Storval Deep, contradicting all natural laws of architecture and engineering. It is completely featureless except for a winding stair that winds like a corkscrew around its length, terminating in an open platform ten feet in diameter, thousands of feet above. The view from this platform is easily one of the most terrifying views in all of Golarion. The purpose of the spire has been lost to time, although it is told that dark-robed figures can be seen ascending, but never descending its heights from time to time.12

Shamans of the Shoanti Shundar-Quah tribe hold the Spindlehorn sacred, making pilgrimages there once every ten years to discuss tribal matters of import.3


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