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This index lists featured articles from 2016. For past years, see History. To nominate a featured article, see Nominations. For upcoming featured articles, see Featured article queue.

January 3 - Isger


Isger (pronounced IZ-guhr) is a vassal state of Cheliax. In the eyes of Cheliax it is not so much a sovereign nation as a glorified trade route. Isger suffered terribly during the Goblinblood Wars when hundreds of tribes of goblinoids (including powerful hobgoblin warlords and their goblin slaves) emerged from the Chitterwood in southern Isger in 4697 AR, killing all in their path. read more

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January 10 - Rakshasa

A rakshasa.

Rakshasas, the "earthbound evils", are spirits of truly debased and abhorrent evil who take on humanoid-like form. While there are many different types of rakshasas, from the lowly raktavarna to the powerful rakshasa maharaja, the most commonly encountered members of this race are not known by any other name save simply "rakshasa". read more

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January 17 - Jalmeray

Symbol of Jalmeray.

Jalmeray (pronounced JAHL-meh-ray) is a large island-nation in the Obari Ocean off the coast of Nex. For the past 2,000 years, it has been ruled by Vudran nobles as the westernmost of that land's so-called "Impossible Kingdoms" of Vudra. read more

Recently featured: RakshasaIsgerGoblin

January 24 - Android

An android.

An android is a human-seeming creature that was created, not born. On Golarion, they rise from strange, alien forges that dot the ruins of Numeria. read more

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January 31 - Kaer Maga

Kaer Maga.

Standing atop one of the highest spots of the Storval Rise, the cliff-top city of Kaer Maga (pronounced kare MAH-gah) is built inside the ruins of an ancient fortress: a six-sided ring of 80-foot-high seamless stone, stretching more than a half mile in diameter and topped with towers of every shape and design. Also known as the Asylum Stone, Kaer Maga has served as a refuge for exiles, misfits, and ne'er-do-wells fleeing persecution and prosecution for thousands of years, and is known throughout Golarion as a place where anyone can fit in, and where anything can be bought and sold. read more

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February 14 - Westcrown


For 800 years, Westcrown was the capital of Cheliax, and the rumored birthplace and home of the god Aroden. Known as the "City of Nine Stars", it was a shining example of the greatness of the Chelish empire. Westcrown was a classic, enlightened metropolis, even a rival to Absalom as a destination of religious pilgrimage and tourism. But then tragedy struck: Aroden died in 4606 AR, a bloody civil war swept over the nation, and decades of turmoil and strife plunged the city into despair. The ascension of the House Thrune to the Chelish throne in 4640 AR cemented Westcrown's fate, as the capital was moved north to Egorian; no longer the City of Nine Stars, Westcrown now became the City of Twilight. The remains of the Chelish nobility huddle in Westcrown as a home-in-exile, as the city itself crumbles under the weight of mismanagement, crime, and a mysterious plague of creatures that hunt the streets at night. read more

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February 21 - Bugbear

Bruthazmus, a bugbear.

Bugbears are monstrous nocturnal hunters related to goblins whose prey is anything that can experience the full height of fear and terror, though they prefer weak and easily terrified humans. read more

Recently featured: WestcrownKaer MagaAndroid

February 28 - Stone giant

Replace this image.

Stone giants are large humanoids with dark gray, leathery skin, who grow to about 12 feet in height. They tend to be both impassive and aloof, preferring to live in solitude in hills, caves, and mountains. Because of their skin color they tend to blend in among their stony surroundings—all the easier from them to crush unwary travelers with giant thrown boulders. Stone giants worship the god Minderhal, and revere their tribal elders. read more

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March 6 - Iomedae

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Iomedae (pronounced ahy-OH-meh-day) is the goddess of righteous valor, justice, and honor. Having served as Aroden's herald, she inherited many of the Last Azlanti's followers upon his death, and continues to espouse the ideas of honor and righteousness in the defense of good and the battle against evil. read more

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March 13 - Slavery

Drow are among the many races and cultures on Golarion that practice slavery.

Slavery, the system of owning and selling other sentient races, is the foundation of many of the Inner Sea region's agrarian societies, but condemned or limited in others. Even though slavery is tolerated throughout much of the Inner Sea region, it is not universally applied. For instance, slaves are almost always taken from the lower classes, and the stealing of members of the nobility and selling them into bondage is universally seen as abhorrent and criminal. read more

Recently featured: IomedaeStone giantBugbear

March 20 - Dwarf

Harsk, iconic dwarven ranger.

The dwarves of Golarion are a humanoid race of dour warriors and craftspeople. They excel at jobs other races find tedious, but also have a great love of exploration and discovery. Dwarves can be found throughout Avistan and Garund, although the vast majority inhabit the Five Kings Mountains on the borders of Druma. read more

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March 27 - River of Souls

A map of the River of Souls. Click the image for a detailed legend.

The River of Souls is the name given to the constant migration of mortal souls from the Material Plane to Pharasma's Boneyard in the Outer Sphere, where they are judged and sent to their eternal fate. read more

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April 3 - Gozreh

The holy symbol of Gozreh.

Gozreh (pronounced GOHZ-ray) is a dualistic deity of nature, a god of the storm and sky and also a goddess of the wave and surf. Born of the ocean's fury and the wind's wrath, Gozreh is a fickle deity. read more

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April 10 - Sothis

The city of Sothis.

The Osirian capital city of Sothis is located just south of the River Sphinx delta, and is the largest, and most prosperous city in the kingdom of Osirion. The city is built around the molted husk of Ulunat, a colossal beetle that was one of the spawn of Rovagug and slain by Ancient Osirion's first pharaoh, Azghaad. Except for a short time under the Four Pharaohs of Ascension, it was also the Osirian capital city before the millennia of Keleshite rule. read more

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April 17 - Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a formidable foe.

The Queen of Witches, Baba Yaga (pronounced BAH-ba YAH-guh) invaded Golarion from another world in 3313 AR, making war on the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Within 23 days the Winter War was over and she had established her realm of Irrisen. read more

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April 24 - Urgathoa

The unholy symbol of Urgathoa

Urgathoa (pronounced oor-gah-THO-ah) is the Varisian goddess of undeath and disease who commands her cultists to indulge in every gluttonous whim, no matter how depraved. read more

Recently featured: Baba YagaSothisGozreh

May 1 - Antipaladin

The duergar antipaladin urgraz

Antipaladins are champions of evil and the living embodiments of disease, tyranny, cruelty, and corruption. They arise from paladins who fall from grace, or else are trained from a young age to serve dark powers. read more

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May 8 - Black Claw

Captain Zalsus

The Black Claw are a powerful kobold tribe inhabiting the upper reached of the Candlestone Caverns in northern Andoran. Clever trap-makers, they have secured the fealty of numerous other kobold tribes in the region in a semi-feudal hierarchy. read more

Recently featured: AntipaladinUrgathoaBaba Yaga

May 22 - Kintargo

The skyline of Kintargo.

Kintargo, also known as the Silver City, is a northern Chelish city situated on Nisroch Bay at the mouth of the Yolubilis River, in the Archduchy of Ravounel. It is the main harbor for ships heading north to Varisia and west to Anchor's End. Unprotected by any natural barriers, the city and its citizens are among the most cosmopolitan in Cheliax, and the infernal influence so prominent in other Chelish cities is not nearly as noticeable in more

Recently featured: NirmathasDrugsBlack Claw

May 29 - Nirmathas

The flag of Nirmathas

One of the youngest nations in Avistan, Nirmathas is an independent-minded country of hunters and woodsmen who can't agree on much except this: that they will never again fall under the control of their former mother country of Molthune. read more

Recently featured: DrugsBlack ClawAntipaladin

June 4 - Hellknight

A Hellknight

The Hellknights are a collection of knightly orders based largely in Cheliax whose aim is to create a perfectly lawful and ordered society. They draw their inspiration from what they consider to be the most perfect example in all the Great Beyond: the structure of Hell and its minions. read more

Recently featured: NirmathasKintargoDrugsBlack Claw

June 11 - Mendevian Crusades

The flag of Mendev

The Mendevian Crusades were launched in 4622 AR by the Church of Iomedae to drive back the demons that poured out of the Worldwound in northern Avistan. Since that first war, four additional Mendevian Crusades have been organized, the most recent being the fifth; none have succeeded in closing the portal to the Abyss. read more

Recently featured: HellknightNirmathasKintargoDrugs

June 18 - Arcadia

A Map of Golarion with Arcadia on the far left

The continent of Arcadia is located far to the west of Avistan and Garund, across the wide and treacherous Arcadian Ocean. Due to the time it takes to get there and the dangers involved in travel, it remains largely unknown to the people of the Inner Sea region, except for a small string of the region's colonies on its eastern shore. read more

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June 25 - Notable members of the Pathfinder Society

Venture-captain Drandle Dreng of the Pathfinder Society

The Pathfinder Society is an organization based in Absalom that contains thousands of dedicated agents who scour the globe in search of lost information and treasure. read more

Recently featured: ArcadiaMendevian CrusadesHellknightNirmathas

July 2 - Nar-Voth

The duergar are the preeminent slavers of Nar-Voth

Nar-Voth is the uppermost layer of the Darklands, and the one most inhabitants of Golarion's surface think of when they hear of the land of eternal darkness. Its primary inhabitants are the slaving duergar, the insane derros, the disturbing vegepygmies, and the ever-warring troglodytes. read more

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July 9 - Daemon


Daemons are among the youngest of the fiendish races, but came into existence before demons. They are mostly concerned with the destruction of all life. read more

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July 23 - Soul

An artist's interpretation of the River of Souls

A soul is the animating life essence of all mortal creatures on Golarion. It begins its journey long before birth on the Positive Energy Plane, then passes through the Material Plane on its way to Pharasma's final judgement. read more

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July 30 - Black dragon

Adventurers confront a black dragon.

Even though they are not the most powerful of the chromatic dragons, black dragons are unmatched in their viciousness and ferocity. They make their homes in the darkest, most remote corners of Golarion's marshes and swamplands, protecting their territories with fervor and striking terror in any neighboring communities of sentient creatures. read more

Recently featured: SoulDaemonsNar-VothNotable members of the Pathfinder Society

August 6 - Jatembe

Old-Mage Jatembe

Few historical figures compare in power and influence to Old-Mage Jatembe, a Mwangi spellcaster who conversed with outsiders to rediscover the lost art of written magic known as wizardry. Together with his Ten Magic Warriors, he helped pull his people out of the barbarism of the Age of Anguish, putting them on the road to civilization. read more

Recently featured: Black dragonSoulDaemonsNar-Voth

August 13 - Irrisen

A white witch

Few nations in the Inner Sea region can compare in mystery and magic to the frozen land of Irrisen, the realm of the White Witches. Tucked away in the northwestern corner of Avistan, this nation of never-ending winter is ruled by a series of queens who all share one thing in common: they are the daughters of the Old Crone Baba Yaga. read more

Recently featured: Old-Mage JatembeBlack dragonSoulDaemons

August 27 - Pathfinder Adventure Path

The Pathfinder Adventure Path logo

The Pathfinder Adventure Path has been published monthly since 2007 by Paizo Inc. after the company lost the license for Dragon and Dungeon magazines. It has since become its flagship product line and is now in its 19th incarnation: Strange Aeons. read more

Recently featured: IrrisenOld-Mage JatembeBlack dragonSoul

September 3 - Nirmathas

The flag of Nirmathas

The nation of Nirmathas broke off from Molthune in a civil war in 4655 AR less than 25 years after Molthune itself had separated from Cheliax. Unwilling to be ruled by the distant and autocratic military leadership in Canorate, the Nirmathi people have maintained their independence and forged a new national character combining rugged self-reliance, love of freedom, and decentralized government. read more

Recently featured: Pathfinder Adventure PathIrrisenOld-Mage JatembeBlack dragon

September 10 - Kobold

A kobold cleric of Asmodeus

Kobolds are a reptilian race of humanoids who live in caves close to the surface, or in other places where sunlight can be avoided. Although among the weakest of the major races of Golarion, kobolds are proud and clever, and anyone who has ever attempted to infiltrate a kobold lair knows to have a healthy respect for their ability to craft cunning and deadly traps. read more

Recently featured: NirmathasPathfinder Adventure PathIrrisenOld-Mage Jatembe

September 17 - Half-elf

Three half-elves, Jirelle, Seltyiel, and Lirianne, fend off a grindylow attack.

Even though half-elves have existed on Golarion for almost as long as humans and elves have lived in close proximity to one another, they have only emerged as a major race in the last few thousand years. Since the return of the elves from Sovyrian in 2632 AR, the population of half-elves has been steadily growing to the point where they are now a significant minority population in most of the larger cities of the Inner Sea region. read more

Recently featured: KoboldNirmathasPathfinder Adventure PathIrrisen

October 1 - The Third Riddle

Title page of Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenario #11, The Third Riddle

Way back in 2009, Paizo published Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenario #11, The Third Riddle, featuring the first appearance of the Pathfinder Society's most infamous rival: the Aspis Consortium. The two organizations have been at each other's throats ever since. The scenario was sadly retired from active play that year, although it can still be played "for fun" and could potentially be "resurrected" by Paizo staff for a few lucky souls at PaizoCon or other major conventions. read more

Recently featured: Half-elvesKoboldNirmathasPathfinder Adventure Path

October 15 - Heaven

A lantern archon, one of the most commonly found inhabitants of Heaven

Heaven is the ultimate expression of ordered and moral righteousness in the Great Beyond, and the final destination of petitioners who have been the paragons of that philosophy. Home to countless species of archons and angels, Heaven is conceived by most sentient species as an enormous mountain with a flattened, floating summit that is home to an empty garden. read more

Recently featured: The Third RiddleHalf-elvesKoboldNirmathas

October 22 - Prostitution

Lavender Lil, a tiefling prostitute

Prostitution (also known as the sex trade) is the exchange of sexual relations in return for money, favors, or some other benefit. It is practiced legally or illegally in nearly every town in the Inner Sea region, but is particularly prevalent in port cities. Although many prostitutes practice their trade of their own free will, other sex workers are forced slaves whose work only benefits their masters. read more

Recently featured: HeavenThe Third RiddleHalf-elvesKobold

October 29 - Queen Ileosa

Queen Ileosa, surrounded by her Grey Maidens

Queen Ileosa of the Varisian city-state of Korvosa is the central character of the recently released Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path hardcover. Born into a declining Chelaxian noble family, the ambitious Ileosa emigrated to backwater Varisia at a young age for the sole purpose of ingratiating herself personally to the reigning king, Eodred Arabasti II. read more

Recently featured: ProstitutionHeavenThe Third RiddleHalf-elves

November 12 - Taldan

Alain, a Taldan cavalier, charges a line of orcs.

Taldans are a human ethnicity known for their sophistication, skill, intelligence, and sadly, arrogance. Most believe that they achieved their cultural zenith during the middle years of the Age of Enthronement and have been on a slow but steady decline ever since. Yet Taldans refuse to be placed in the dustbin of history, and claim that they will soon rise again to glory. What cannot be doubted is that because of centuries of conquest, they have had the greatest impact of any human ethnicity on the laws, governments, and cultures of most of central and southern Avistan. read more

Recently featured: Ileosa ArabastiProstitutionHeavenThe Third Riddle

November 19 - Lich

Azaven, a Thassilonian lich

Unlike most other types of undead, liches have chosen their supernatural state. Vampires are often creatures of hunger or lust, while other intelligent undead such are wights, banshees, or bodaks are victims of cruel fate. Liches work for years to discover the key to their immortality and possess a drive and passion for continuing their existence unrivaled by few others. read more

Recently featured: TaldanIleosa ArabastiProstitutionHeaven

November 26 - Owlbear

Imrijka, Ezren, and Lem fight an owlbear.

Found in desolate, temperate forests throughout Avistan, owlbears are ferocious apex predators that stand eight feet in height on their hind legs and weigh upwards of 1,500 pounds. They hunt both at day or night, depending on when their prey is most active. Believed to have been magically created long ago, they tend to live alone or in pairs that mate for life. read more

Recently featured: LichTaldanIleosa ArabastiProstitution

December 3 - Ship

Ships pass through the Arch of Aroden.

Ships are an essential form of transport throughout Golarion, used for trade, war, and piracy. There are even gods that have shipping as part of their portfolio. There are many types of ships that sail the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and skies of Golarion. read more

Recently featured: OwlbearLichTaldanIleosa Arabasti

December 10 - Kintargo

The skyline of Kintargo.

Kintargo, also known as the Silver City, is a northern Chelish city situated on Nisroch Bay at the mouth of the Yolubilis River, in the Archduchy of Ravounel. It is the main harbor for ships heading north to Varisia and west to Anchor's End. Unprotected by any natural barriers, the city and its citizens are among the most cosmopolitan in Cheliax, and the infernal influence so prominent in other Chelish cities is not nearly as noticeable in Kintargo. read more

Recently featured: ShipOwlbearLichTaldan

December 17 - Ritual magic

A group performs an occult ritual

Ritual magic is the fourth, and least understood form of magic (the others being divine, arcane, and psychic magic). Unlike all other magical art forms, ritual magic requires no specialized training (such as that possessed by the wizard ) or innate ability (such as that of the sorcerer), but can be performed by anyone who possesses the correct instruction. Because ritual magic is so hard to control and generally produces a severe magical backlash, it is avoided by all but the most desperate or insane. read more

Recently featured: KintargoShipOwlbearLich

December 24 - Dragon

Valeros confronts a green dragon.

Dragons are an ancient race of intelligent, winged, reptile-like creatures who possess a variety of magical and unusual abilities. Due to their power, they are counted among the most legendary creatures in all the Inner Sea region. They are sometimes referred to as wyrms and wyrmlings. read more

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