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This is the queue for featured articles scheduled to appear on the Main Page in the coming months. The dates listed indicate when they will be showcased. For a list of this year's featured articles, see 2019. For previous years' articles, see History.

Upcoming articles

June 11 - Order of the Rack

Symbol of the Order of the Rack.

The Order of the Rack is a Hellknight order founded in 4638 AR. It was one of several new or re-established orders created in the aftermath of the disbanding of the various Hellknight orders previously charged with the defence of Cheliax's frontiers. It took over control of Citadel Rivad in 4639 AR, when the Order of the Scourge relocated to Citadel Demain. read more

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June 18 - [[]]


While their small stature generally keeps halflings out of the spotlight in human settlements, the small folk have nevertheless found a niche for themselves and play an important role in Golarion. Halflings grew up among the human cultures of Avistan, alongside and often overlooked by the growth and success of those nations and regions they inhabited. They have their own rich tales and heroes that few of the bigger folk have ever even guessed at. read more

Recently featured: Order of the RackDecemvirateF. Wesley Schneider

June 25 - [[]]

Holy symbol of Yamatsumi.

Yamatsumi is the Tian-Min god of winter, mountains, and volcanoes. His holy symbol is an erupting, snow-capped volcano. Yamatsumi is a nature deity of mountains, with a particular interest in volcanoes. He is also a god of renewal, as the spring melt from the mountains brings needed moisture to the lowlands, and ash from volcanic eruptions enriches the soil. read more

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July 2 - Shark


Ilsurian is a small agricultural and fishing town situated on the northern banks of Lake Syrantula at the mouth of the Skull River. It was founded in 4631 AR by Ilsur, a former First Sword of the Knights of Aroden and his followers, all of whom were dissatisfied with the direction Korvosa took following the collapse of the Chelish Empire. The residents take great pride in their civic duties and almost every citizen participates in elections. read more

Recently featured: YamatsumiHalflingOrder of the Rack

July 9 - [[]]


The lich Arazni (also known as the Harlot Queen) is the de facto ruler of the Garundi nation of Geb, as Geb himself has been absent or withdrawn from the day-to-day running of the country in recent years. Arazni was once a demigod, and the herald of the god Aroden. read more

Recently featured: IlsurianYamatsumiHalfling

July 16 - [[]]


Garund (pronounced gah-ROOND) is a Golarion continent located south of Avistan, across the Inner Sea, and west of Casmaron, separated by the Obari Ocean. At one time, central Garund was the heart of civilisation in the hemisphere. It was a major territory of the cyclopes, who once ruled all of Golarion. Their Empire perished before (or possibly because of) the fall of the Starstone, which created the Inner Sea. Later, the citadels of the Shory flew through the sky, until their kingdom also failed. Now, much of the continent is uncharted and uncivilised, but numerous ancient ruins await bold explorers. read more

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July 23 - [[]]

The Cosmic Caravan.

A constellation is a perceived pattern formed by prominent stars within apparent proximity to one another when viewed from a specific point in space and time. There are many constellations in Golarion's night sky, including the thirteen signs of the Cosmic Caravan used by those studying astrology. read more

Recently featured: GarundArazniIlsurian

July 30 - [[]]

An astradaemon.

Astradaemons are daemons that swim through the River of Souls like aberrant sharks, snatching up unlucky souls for their evil masters. They personify death from negative energy, leeching the very life essence out of their victims. Astradaemons were created in the depths of time by the Oinodaemon. Suspicious of the deacons created by his servants, the Four Horsemen, the Oinodaemon meshed together hundreds of mortal souls and the essences of lesser daemons to create the first astradaemons. read more

Recently featured: ConstellationGarundArazni

August 6 - [[]]

The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga aids its mistress.

The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga is a major artifact belonging to the mythic witch Baba Yaga, granting her immense ability to travel within the Material Plane and into the Great Beyond. The Dancing Hut appears as a rustic hut on two huge, fifteen-foot-tall chicken legs. Despite its comical appearance, its outer shell is a powerful construct capable of rapid movement and vicious attacks. On the inside, the hut is much larger than it looks from the outside, with an interior layout that changes depending on the outer shell's location in the multiverse. read more

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August 13 - [[]]

The Glyph of the Open Road, symbol of the Pathfinder Society.

The Pathfinder Society is a globe-spanning organization based out of Absalom, the City at the Center of the World. The membership consists primarily of Pathfinders, adventurers who travel throughout Golarion—usually inconspicuously—and explore, delve, and otherwise experience the lesser-seen parts of the world. They send journals documenting their travels back to their venture-captains, who also assigns them new missions and suggests new places to explore. The most exciting and illuminating of these journals are compiled in the Pathfinder Chronicles, an ongoing series of books that collect the history and mystery of Golarion for its membership and the general public. read more

Recently featured: Dancing Hut of Baba YagaAstradaemonConstellationGarund

August 20 - [[]]

Belor Hemlock, a Shoanti human.

Humans are the most numerous civilized humanoid race of Golarion with a variety of ethnicities, and a stake in virtually every corner of the world. Known for their adaptability and versatility, humans have throughout history been behind many of the largest and most prosperous of nations. read more

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August 27 - [[]]

Sajan, a Vudrani human.

The Vudrani (pronounced voo-DRAW-nee) are a human ethnicity originally from the nation of Vudra in far-away Casmaron, known collectively as the Impossible Kingdoms. In the Inner Sea region they are most-commonly found on the island state of Jalmeray, as well as around the south-eastern portion of the Inner Sea and Obari Ocean, notably in Absalom, Nex, Osirion, and Katapesh. read more

Recently featured: HumanPathfinder SocietyDancing Hut of Baba YagaAstradaemon

September 3 - [[]]

Pathfinder Adventures logo

Pathfinder Adventures, a conversion of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game for mobile devices developed by Obsidian Entertainment, was released on April 28, 2016, for Android and Apple tablet devices, on September 8, 2016, for Android and Apple phones, and on June 21, 2017, for Windows and macOS computers. read more

Recently featured: VudraniHumanPathfinder Society

September 10 - [[]]

James L. Sutter

James Lafond Sutter filled many positions at Paizo Inc. during his 13-year tenure at the company: webstore intern, customer service agent, Assistant Editor on Dragon, Fiction Editor (overseeing the Pathfinder Tales line from its inception until 2017), Senior Editor, and eventually Creative Director of the Starfinder brand, which launched in 2017. His Pathfinder Tales novels, Death's Heretic and The Redemption Engine are fan favorites, and were both honored with critical accolades. In September 2017, Sutter left Paizo to pursue other writing endeavors including working on comics and author-owned fiction. read more

Recently featured: Pathfinder AdventuresVudraniHuman

September 17 - [[]]

The Book of the Damned

The Book of the Damned is one of three legendary books compiled by the angel Tabris, along with the Chronicle of the Righteous and Concordance of Rivals, that purportedly contain all knowledge in existence. The book describes the Abyss, Hell, and Abaddon, and includes details of their rulers and inhabitants and how the world of Golarion has connections to these lower planes. Dire warnings concerning the reader's soul are often appended to these pages. read more

Recently featured: James L. SutterPathfinder AdventuresVudrani

September 24 - [[]]

The Kintargo skyline.

Kintargo, also known as the Silver City, is a northern Chelish city situated on Nisroch Bay at the mouth of the Yolubilis River, in the Archduchy of Ravounel. It is the main harbor for ships heading north to Varisia and west to Anchor's End. Unprotected by any natural barriers, the city and its citizens are among the most cosmopolitan in Cheliax, and the infernal influence so prominent in other Chelish cities is not nearly as noticeable in Kintargo. read more

Recently featured: Book of the DamnedJames L. SutterPathfinder Adventures

October 8 - [[]]

Pathfinder: Worldscape Vol. 1

Pathfinder: Worldscape, a crossover comic series by Erik Mona, was released from October 2016–April 2017, and compiled in a hardcover compilation in August 2017. The story follows Pathfinder iconics Kyra, Merisiel, Seoni, and Valeros as they brave a strange demiplane created ages earlier by the Archmage Nex called the Worldscape. There, they must ally with such otherworldly heroes as John Carter, Red Sonja, and Tarzan in order to defeat the Empress Camilla, the Gorilla King, and the wizard Kulan Gath and return home. read more

Recently featured: KintargoBook of the DamnedJames L. Sutter

October 15 - [[]]


Acavna is a now long-forgotten deity of the Azlanti people, who was dedicated to the moon and to defensive battle. She is said to have vanished shortly before Earthfall. What few know is that Acavna died trying to protect the Azlanti from the destruction of Earthfall. When she learned of the alghollthus' plan to destroy the continent, she pulled Golarion's moon from its orbit to intercept the massive meteorite. The impact with the moon shattered the world-killing projectile into thousands of pieces, but did not slow or deflect it from its course. Instead, its shards inflicted lethal wounds on the goddess' physical manifestation. Distraught by her death, the Azlanti god of magic, Amaznen, sacrificed himself to render the remaining deadly aboleth magic clinging to the meteorite fragments inert, transforming it from a world-killer to one that, while still incredibly destructive, gave life on Golarion a chance to survive. read more

Recently featured: WorldscapeKintargoBook of the Damned

October 22 - [[]]


The Pactmasters took over the city of Katapesh almost a thousand years ago in 3725 AR. Their sudden appearance is widely speculated upon. Some say the Pactmasters marched into the city by night at the head of an army of soldiers, and crushed the leaders of the various bandit gangs occupying the city. Others say they arrived in airships that terrified the bandits such that they fled into the desert. Strangely, there is no record of this event. read more

Recently featured: AcavnaWorldscapeKintargo

October 29 - [[]]

Monk of the Haruspex

Though highly independent, even proud orc chieftains sometimes seek advice. When this happens, most warlords send their seconds-in-command to the Brimstone Haruspex, the temple complex high in the caldera of a smoking volcano within the Hold of Belkzen. At the hold, a group of ancient and inbred orc monks offer guidance in exchange for massive tribute. In addition to maintaining the only supposedly complete record of orc history—a lengthy series of cave paintings stretching all the way back to the orcs’ initial emergence during the Age of Darkness—the monks are also oracles, breathing in the vapors from the active fumaroles in order to spin weird and bloody prophecies. read more

Recently featured: PactmastersAcavnaWorldscapeKintargo

November 12 - [[]]

Linnorm king.jpg

The Ulfen are a human ethnicity once feared across all of Avistan for their fierce and merciless winter raiding. This is no longer the case; now the Ulfen people are renowned for their enormous size, blonde hair, and prowess as warriors. Ulfen bodyguards are also highly desired around the courts of the Inner Sea. read more

Recently featured: Brimstone HaruspexPactmastersAcavnaWorldscape comic

November 19 - [[]]


Ogrekin are the spawn of the hideous forced unions between ogres and whatever humanoids they can overpower. Grotesque creatures, no two ogrekin look the same, each bearing different deformities caused by its aberrant ogre parentage. Ogrekin are generally just as evil as their ogre parents and are universally shunned by other civilized folk. read more

Recently featured: UlfenBrimstone HaruspexPactmastersAcavna

November 26 - [[]]


Regongar is a half-orc magus companion available in the forthcoming Kingmaker computer roleplaying game from Owlcat Games. Regongar had a rough start in life. A childhood and youth spent in the Technic League's captivity has left a permanent mark, forever changing the half-orc. But while his companion Octavia believes that his suffering has destroyed almost everything good in Regongar, he thinks otherwise. In the crucible of servitude the magus steeled himself for future challenges, forged his iron will and deadly proficiencies which made the free Regongar a living nightmare for the Technic League and its agents. read more

Recently featured: OgrekinUlfenBrimstone Haruspex

December 10 - [[]]

Larazod contract.jpg

The Six Trials of Larazod is the fictional account of a Chelish tiefling named Larazod Rilsane. This opera in seven acts was written by Lokoris Sarini in the early 46th century AR and was banned for over a century until the rise of House Thrune legitimized the worship of Asmodeus. Despite the spectacle and fame of this piece, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the play is that it is rarely performed to completion. The reality of these trials in their most lethal form—as the play's stage directions detail—prove so intense that nearly every performance ends in the gruesome onstage death of the actors playing Larazod and his companions, those who vow to join him in his darkest hour and face the trials alongside him. As such, performances of The Six Trials of Larazod are rare, but typically provide macabre entertainment for the most decadent of audiences. read more

Recently featured: RegongarOgrekinUlfen

December 17 - [[]]


The demon lord Shax revels in acts of sadistic torture, cruelty, and bloody murder. He is said to dwell in the Abyssal realm of Charnelhome, said to resemble a place of endless rooms each filled with horrific torture implements. Shax does not have any sort of organised church, thanks to the deranged nature of most of his worshipers: his cultists are generally lone, deranged killers or warmongers seeking luck and glory in their deeds. read more

Recently featured: The Six Trials of LarazodRegongarOgrekin

December 24 - [[]]

Green Faith.jpg

The Wildwood Lodge is an ancient order of druids who reside within the Verduran Forest of central Avistan (an area that straddles the nations of Andoran, Taldor, and Galt). Every year on the summer solstice, the druids of the Wildwood Lodge meet for a Moot of Ages on the Isle of Arenway in the Sellen River. For these gatherings, druids from all over Golarion travel to present their findings to the assembled Old Faith community. Conclusions are generally not reached through logic and the enforcing of dogma, but rather by listening for and interpreting the Will of the World, supposedly the collective intelligence of nature itself. read more

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