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Positive Energy Plane

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Positive Energy Plane
Titles The Furnace
Cosmic Fire
Creation's Forge
The Fires of Creation
Sphere Inner Sphere
Gravity Subjective
Time Normal
Realm Unbounded
Structure Lasting
Essence Positive
Alignment Mildly neutral
Magic Enhanced and impeded
Denizens Jyoti, manasaputras, ravids
Divinities Manasaputra kumaras
Description Glowing heart of life and creation
Images of Positive Energy Plane

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 118–123

The Positive Energy Plane—also called the Furnace,[1] the Cosmic Fire,[2] Creation's Forge,[1] or The Fires of Creation[3]—is located at the conceptual and philosophical center of the Material Plane and Inner Sphere. It is the source of all life and vitality, and is the birthplace of all of the souls in the Great Beyond. It is a place of such overwhelming, fecund energy that all non-natives (including some gods) are generally incinerated within seconds of arrival unless appropriate precautions are taken.[4][5]

Creation myths

Genies and elementals state and believe that the Elemental Planes existed before the birth of the Material Plane. Eventually, the Elemental Planes mixed with the Positive Energy Plane and the latter's life-giving energies helped create the Material Plane. Many scholars believe that, within this myth, there is some element of truth as to the real historical facts.[6] Others believe that the Positive Energy Plane existed before the gods themselves.[5]


Because of the danger of visiting this inhospitable place, very little concrete information is known about it.

It is inhabited by xenophobic, luminous phoenix-like beings known as jyoti,[5][7][8] who live in crystal cities and tend to souls as they develop like fruit in orchards of massive trees, and are visited by movanic deva and manasaputras who watch over wandering benign souls.[9]

Each jyoti city has a portal to a star in the Material Plane, through which mature souls find their way to mortal vessels.[10] The jyoti also have large collections of powerful artifacts, and provide refuge from the gods for half-mortal bastards and heretics.[11]

In addition to the jyoti, the plane also hosts once-mortal manasaputras who watch over and assist nascent souls. The most powerful of these are the glory-clad solar kumaras, who dwell near the plane's blinding center to communicate to the monadic undersoul that they believe binds all life in the multiverse into a single entity.[10]

Generation of souls

The Positive and Negative Energy Planes, at top left, in the context of the River of Souls.

Sparks of potentiality migrate from the Maelstrom to the Positive Energy Plane via the Antipode. Unaligned souls grow from these sparks in the Positive Energy Plane, planted like seeds by unknown means from unknown locations and ripening like fruit atop massive, amorphous tree-like structures.[8][12] Mature souls are collected and released by jyoti into portals, focal points, and planar vertices through the First World to the Material Plane, to be received by children of creatures as they begin their lives.[13][12][14]

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