Nightmare dragon

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Nightmare dragon

2–18 (by age category)
Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 94f.

Nightmare dragons are a species of esoteric dragon native to the elusive Dimension of Dreams. There they disturb the dreams of sleeping mortals with nightmares and collude with night hags to collect their souls.1

Nightmare dragons are especially drawn to mortals that died and were resurrected, as their dreams subconsciously recall fragments of their brief encounter with eternity. These are particularly intoxicating to the dragons, which hunt down the minds of the resurrected in the hope of preying on their dreams and consuming their souls.2


These dragons are generally a deep, ebony color with red frills. They trail shadows wherever they go and appear unnaturally contorted.1


In 4718 AR, the Pathfinder Society came across a peculiar nightmare dragon, named Daosvaria, while investigating yet another problem at the troubled Blakros Museum.3


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