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Negative Energy Plane

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Negative Energy Plane
Titles The Void
Sphere Inner Sphere
Alignment Unaligned
Denizens Undead, nightshades, sceaduinar
Description A pitch-black expanse of hungry, devouring nothingness
Images of Negative Energy Plane

The Negative Energy Plane, also known as the Void,[1] sits at the metaphysical center of the Shadow Plane, in much of the same way as the Positive Energy Plane does for the Material Plane. It is considered to be the polar opposite of the Positive Energy Plane in the arcane tradition and complementary in the esoteric tradition.[2]

It is a place of annihilation and destruction, leaching life energy from all who come near it. A barren wasteland of emptiness with few surfaces, the Negative Energy Plane is the home of countless undead creatures, many of them intelligent and extremely powerful. In fact, the plane is the source from which all undead draw their power and un-life.[3][4]


Apart from undead, including the plane's most feared nightshades,[4] the only known natives of the plane are the sceaduinar,[5] who spawn from crystalline manifestations of negative energy that form strange angles.[4]

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