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Large city
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 173

Quent is the second-largest settlement in the Shackles after Port Peril. It is on the north coast of Motaku Isle, the Shackles' largest island. Sheltered from the storm by the large barrier islands of its picturesque bay, Quent is known as the finest deepwater port in the region. Moreover, Quent is also known among the sailors as the liveliest and most welcoming of the ports.123

The city is ruled by Tessa Fairwind, a charismatic pirate lord and major voice in the Pirate Council.43

Quent features a large number of dockside taverns, such as the Lusty Mermaid, Fat Jessup's, the Barnacle, the Three Sailors Smiling, the Drunken Boatswain, and Lilibeth's Tavern and Hostel. Tessa Fairwind often rubs shoulders with fellow pirates in these taverns while she is ashore. The city accommodates sailors in its many boarding houses and inns. Lilibeth's and Three Sailors are the largest, followed by Mama Leroux's and Haekle's Dry Berth. Wealthy buccaneers have built their manors in the bayside hills known as Spendthrift Ridge. The Blue Sky Road, right off the docks and the warehouses is the main thoroughfare through town, lined with every type of merchant shop. Quent has evolved into a real city with a considerable population of landsmen who earn their living supporting the free-spending pirates. Calistria's House of Stolen Kisses in the center of the town, where the sacred prostitutes of Calistria ply their trade, is also known as the Shackles' best information brokerage.53