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Source: Hellknight Hill, pg(s). 84

Anadi are a species of peaceful, insular spiders with natural talents for illusion and transmutation magic, allowing them to change into humans and other humanoids.12


In their natural forms, anadis appear as spiders as large as medium-sized humanoids, covered in colourful, distinctive markings, which can be as unique as other humanoids' identifying features. They know that their appearance can unnerve other races, so when interacting with strangers, they use their natural talent for magic to take the form of humans and other humanoids, only showing their true nature through a strange sheen to their dark eyes and their jerky movements. Anadis consider showing their true form to strangers rude, except when threatened or forced to fight.12 Anadis can also take a hybrid form between a spider and a humanoid, gaining abilities of both.2


Anadi who seek adventure often do so to learn more about the world at large. Anadi adventurers who want to support their communities often become clerics or druids. Rogue remains a popular choice among those who seek to hide their true form. Anadi who wish to continue their magical traditions tend to become wizards or sorcerers.3


Anadis originate in the deep jungles of Nurvatcha in southern Garund. They can also be found in nearby nations, as well as in Casmaron, and on some smaller islands in the ruins of Azlant.1


Anadis court each other and raise children communally. Each so-called 'web marriage' involves three to five individuals, who share domestic responsibilities and often have the same day job as well. Married groups vote for the same politician and are willing to die to defend each other in battle.45

The anadis are shy and isolationist, rarely leave their nation, and only grant visitors permission to visit one city: Wuluva. This has given rise to the erroneous rumour that anadis transform into hideous spider-creatures every sunset.5


Grandmother Spider, also known as Nana Anadi, is the anadi's patron deity. Her most devout followers believe that she guided them out of darkness into freedom by plucking dewdrops from her web to light up the night. The anadis view her as an honorary monarch, but never expect her to actually take Nurvatcha's throne.45


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