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Hanspur's holy symbol
Titles The Water Rat
Home Sellen River
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Areas of Concern Rivers
River Travel
Worshipers Clerics, Druids, Rangers
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Death, Travel, Water
Subdomains Exploration, Murder, Rivers, Trade
Favored Weapon Trident
Symbol Rat walking on water or on a log
Sacred Animal Rat
Sacred Colors Blue, gold
Images of Hanspur

Source: Inner Sea Faiths, pg(s). 58-63

Hanspur is a minor god of the waterways worshiped primarily in the River Kingdoms. Hanspur is the god of the watery domains of the Sellen River and considers himself lord of all who travel his domain. As a travel god his shrines always lie just outside the town gates. Despite this, he is still paid at least lip service by the peoples of the River Kingdoms, as he smites those who displease him by sinking their boats and flooding their lands.[1]


Hanspur is depicted in art as a bearded man with spiky, reed-like hair.[1] His symbol is a rat either walking on water or standing on a flooding piece of driftwood, and he is known to travel with a dire rat companion.[2]


Legends claim he was a priest of Gozreh who was drowned by a traveling companion, then raised by Gozreh as a guardian of the waterways.[2]


Hanspur claims a river system that twists across the whole Maelstrom as his divine realm. These waterways never stay in the same place for long. Due to his enmity against the daemons, Hanspur also claims part of the River Styx, where he tolerates no daemonic presence, the notable exception being the thanadaemons that ferry people across the river.[3]

Church of Hanspur

Hanspur is considered to be a forbidden god and his worship is banned in many nations because of one of his faith's rituals. His worshipers travel with a lone companion and then one night drown them in the Sellen river, their god's domain. The legends of Hanspur's beginning may explain why Hanspur demands observance of this morbid ritual.[1]


There is no formal garb for his priests, who dress in simple river clothing such as short-legged pants, ponchos, and sandals. They are transient bordering on vagrant, moving from village to village, bartering and trading with information, magic, and mail. They also hire themselves out as guides.[4]

Temples and shrines

Worshipers of Hanspur don't have many formal temples, instead favoring shrines built on driftwood, and released downriver on small rafts, carried downstream on a wayward and unplanned path. There is one "magnificent" (basically a bunch of rafts tied together) shrine to Hanspur, on the northern shore of the Kallas Lake between the River Kingdoms and Kyonin, and the cultists who live in the village of Riverton east of the lake have also constructed a shrine to the river god.[4]

Holy texts

His canon includes the Six River Freedoms, and homilies about life on the river. He considers dams that completely block a river to be unnatural.[citation needed]


Paizo published a major article about Hanspur in Inner Sea Faiths.