River of Scales

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The River of Scales runs for a distance of sixty miles in a generally western flow across north-eastern Ustalav. Its progresses as follows:1

  • it rises in pretty much the middle of county Barstoi;
  • after a few miles the river is significant enough to act as the boundary between the counties of Barstoi and Ardeal;
  • it then passes the point where the three counties of Ardeal, Barstoi and Odranto meet: their tripoint
  • and then marks the border between Ardeal and Barstoi;
  • the River of Scales then flows past the bountiful, Ardealian settlement of Berus on its southern bank;
  • flow then turns southwards to meet its tributary, the Carew River;
  • the river then arcs around in a 'U' shape ending up flowing north-westwards when it meets the major Vhatsuntide River, where the River of Scales becomes one of that vast river's many tributaries.