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Nation Ustalav
Titles County of Ulcazar
Capital Monastery of the Veil
Ruler Bishop Yasmardin Senir
Government Autocratic noble
Religions Norgorber, Pharasma

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 26

Ulcazar is the most remote, most uninhabitable and smallest of all the counties of Ustalav as it is located atop the highest peaks of the forlorn Hungry Mountains. Ulcazar is a county within the Soivoda region of Ustalav and is completely surrounded by the county of Amaans.[1][2]


Visitors to the blighted land are rarely made welcome and immigration has been prohibited. Very few people live in Ulcazar, mostly lonely hermits and hunters, the most notable inhabitants are the Pharasmin monks who live in the mysterious Monastery of the Veil. The monastery is located at the headwaters of the Vhatsuntide River which flows down into Ardeal and is home to a unique order of monks. The monks are sworn to silence, all except the Bishop Yasmardin Senir who is not only the head of the order but the count in charge of running Ulcazar.[3][1]


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