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Casnoriva is a ruined, star-shaped manor in the heart of the Hungry Mountains in the modern Ustalavic county of Virlych. It was founded as Ustalav's arcane college by Casnori, a Varisian wizard, in what was then called Virholt. Casnori aided Soividia Ustav at the time of the founding of the nation of Ustalav in the 24th Century AR.

Teaching at the college continued until it became one of the first targets of the Whispering Tyrant on his return to Golarion as a lich in the 33rd Century AR. The lich threw hordes of demons from the Abyss to attack the school led by his marilith servant Kaltestrua. The attack was successful and Kaltestrua still controls Casnoriva today, while awaiting signs from Gallowspire of her master's return. Nevertheless, she still suffers ongoing resistance to her occupation from the ghosts of the Ustalavic mages she defeated centuries before. The mages are led by Mistress Qais in an endless arcane battle within the ruins.[1][2][3]